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Pope Benedict XVI abrubtly announces his resignation

Elinor Cohen

February 20, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation on Feb. 11 at the Vatican. Pope Benedict, born and raised in Germany, is the first pope to resign from his position since Gregory XII, in 1415. Benedict cited “advanced age” as the...

Incidents of islamophobia surface across the nation

October 10, 2012

The Council on Islamic-American Relations has recently reported that places of Islamic worship were targets of attacks eight times in a span of 13 days during August, the month of Ramadan. The incidents took place in Missouri,...

Mitt Romney’s “off the cuff” comments offend potential voters

October 3, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney recently said that he would have a “better chance” of winning the election had his parents been born Mexican. The comment was part of a video tape that showed him speaking to...

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