Shia Labeouf screens films of Shia Labeouf


By: Amoreena Crispino

From Nov. 10 to Nov. 12, actor Shia Labeouf sat in the same seat at New York’s Angelika Film Center for three days straight, watching movies that he has starred in. It was supposedly a performance art piece called #allmymovies, a follow up to his piece, “I am not Famous,” where he wore a brown bag over his head and let people do whatever they wanted to him.

Hundreds of people swarmed to the theater after Labeouf invited fans to join him in his three-day exhibition. For those who chose to stay at home or work, a live stream was set up, keeping a single camera focused on Labeouf’s seat the entire time. Some people waited in line for about five hours and gave up, but others stuck through until they got in, including freshman Averi Thummel. Thummel says, “I waited in line for 15 hours and was not planning to give up anytime soon. It was completely worth it and I even got to shake his hand at the end of the exhibit.”

Another lucky freshman, Victoria Eaton, had a great experience, “I heard about Shia’s exhibit on the 10th and decided instantly that I wanted to go. Going the first night was a really smart decision because it wasn’t as crowded as the last night. The best was that Shia offered my boyfriend and I pizza! He is so nice.”

On the other hand, some people were not so lucky. A few students from the University recalled waiting in line for five hours until four in the morning and leaving to come back to campus due to classes early in the morning, or simply just because they did not feel it necessary to wait in line that long to watch a movie.

One of the most talked about movies of the exhibit was “The Even Stevens Movie.” It seemed to be the favorite for everyone who got to watch it, especially Lebeouf. The live stream showed him laughing the most during the Disney Channel movie. Another thing people noticed while watching the live stream was the guy sitting next to Labeouf for a long time. There were rumors circulating that he was Labeouf’s friend, but like everyone else sitting in that theater, he was just another fan. People seemed quite jealous of that guy, along with the couple sitting behind Labeouf’s seat; they got the most screen time besides the star of the exhibit.

In an interview, Shia Labeouf mentioned some of his fears before starting the project, such as having audience members throw popcorn at him or light his hair on fire. He mentioned that he didn’t want people to hate him; he wanted to be liked. After the films were over, he said that he came out loving himself.

People were a little skeptical, but mostly excited when they first heard of #allmymovies. They remembered the stories they heard about Labeouf getting arrested multiple times and didn’t know whether they should go to the movie theater or not. Clearly, it was an experience you did not want to miss out on. For anybody who was unable to watch movies with Labeouf, hopefully he does another unique “art exhibit” in the near future. Labeouf has become widely-loved again, this time as a person as opposed to just a celebrity.