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Serving Pace University’s New York City Campus since 1948.

Our Mission

The Pace Press’ mission is to provide the University community with news that is relatable, accurately factual, reliable and ethically sound regarding campus life, students, professors, faculty, events and places locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. The Pace Press is non-partisan, managed and operated entirely by members of the undergraduate student body and adheres to the Associated Press Stylebook. We publish monthly in-print newspapers and weekly online publications. 

The Pace Press is funded by the undergraduate student body per the Activity Fee required in yearly tuition, which is distributed by the University’s Center for Student Engagement upon budget request approval. 

We are advised by the Faculty Consultants and Budget Allocation Council Advisors listed below.

Pitch Meeting Information

The Pace Press is a rolling admissions organization, so it is never too late to join. We seek contributors, photographers, graphic designers, artists, etc., to join our staff. During the Spring 2023 semester, we host pitch meetings every Monday at 12:30 p.m. in One Pace Plaza, Room W515. We also provide a zoom option for students who cannot attend in person:

Meeting ID: 852 6157 0917

Password: 83Bdh1

*Note: Only students signed in with their Pace University-affiliated Zoom account will be granted permission to join virtually.

If you cannot attend but are still interested in writing for us, please email Jules Kelly, Secretary (see below), to be included in our weekly newsletter with the remaining pitches that were not taken during our regularly scheduled meeting.

Policies and Deadlines

Once a contributor has published three (3) or more articles on our website, the writer is considered an official Staff Writer and receives a picture and biography on the Staff Page. 

The Pace Press encourages but does not require students to take pitches during or after our weekly pitch meetings. If you took a pitch during our Monday meeting, the respective Editor will email you with further details, deadline and word count; the assumed deadline will be that Friday unless otherwise communicated. Article deadlines may be earlier depending on the story’s immanence, relativity and severity.

The Pace Press does not accept submissions that have been promised to another publication both on and off campus.

The Pace Press Executive Board, Editorial Board and Adobe InDesign Production Team meet the second Sunday of every month to create the monthly in-print newspaper (see production schedule below), including copy-editing and fact-checking articles published online or submitted within that month, creating graphic designs, editing photographs, advertisement placement and the culmination for the final product. 

Production Calendar

Fall 2023

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Advertising Policy

The Pace Press Media Kit is under revision. Unfortunately, we are not accepting advertisements at this time. Please reach out to Jeremy Sanders, Treasurer (see below) for further inquiries.

Accuracy Policy

The Pace Press’ Executive Board and Editorial Board diligently work to ensure articles are factual and grammar free per the Associated Press Stylebook. Each section editor is responsible for copy editing and fact-checking the submission. Next, the Executive Editor and Editor-in-Chief review the article before it is published on our website. During the monthly in-print production meeting, two additional section editors are responsible for editing the article, totaling a minimum of five editors having reviewed the piece before being included in the monthly in-print.

If a mistake has been made, we kindly ask that you bring this to our attention to correct the error as soon as possible. To request a correction be made, please get in touch with Lyndsey Brown, Editor-in-Chief, at [email protected].


No articles, photographs, graphic designs and illustrations produced by any member of The Pace Press may be reproduced or repurposed in any format or manner without specific written permission from The Pace Press.

Contact Information

41 Park Row, Suite 906

New York, N.Y. 10038

[email protected]

Executive Board

Lyndsey Brown, Editor-in-Chief, [email protected] 

Gia Sparacino, Executive Editor, [email protected] 

Jules Kelly, Secretary, [email protected] 

Jeremy Sanders, Treasurer, [email protected] 

Editorial Staff (2023-2024 Academic Year)

Julianna Lamourt, News Editor, [email protected] 

Josh Ilano, Arts Editor, [email protected] 

Milana Pogretskaia, Features Editor, [email protected] 

Makiya Jones, Opinion & Editorial Editor, [email protected] 

Priya Persaud, Columns Editor, [email protected]

Chloe Fuller, Photo Editor, [email protected] 

Cat Caldarola, Arts Director, [email protected]

Mikayla Meachem, Social Media Manager, [email protected]

Adobe InDesign Production Team

[email protected]

Lexi Krakowski, Adobe InDesign Production Manager

Olivia Athan, Adobe Illustrator and Graphics Manager

Josh Ilano, Adobe Photoshop Designer

Advertising Team

[email protected]

Logan Jonathan, Advertising Manager 

Esha Tottempudi, Assistant Advertising Manager

Faculty Consultants

Adam Klein, Department of Communication & Media Studies, [email protected] 

Lanie Presswood, Department of Communication & Media Studies, [email protected] 

Grace Salle, Graduate Assistant for Fraternity & Sorority Life, [email protected]

Budget Allocation Council Advisors

Jimmy Woods-Corwin, Associate Director of Student Engagement, [email protected] 

Vanessa Sanchez, Executive Treasurer, Student Government Association, [email protected] 

George Davis, Budget Allocation Council Advisor, [email protected]

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