The Life and “Death” of Taylor Swift


Dylan Share

“I’m sorry, but the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now… why? Oh, cause she’s
dead.” This self-proclaimed death of Taylor Swift was heard around the world. One of her newest songs, “Look What You Made Me Do”, took the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and broke multiple records in the process. Despite the success from her new single, we must ask ourselves, why is the old Taylor Swift dead and who killed her? To answer this question, we must “dig up” the old Taylor.

This 10-time grammy award winner got her start at fourteen when she signed with a SONY publishing house and released her first country single, “Tim McGraw.” From then on, she made numerous hits and was a rising star in the country community. She received recognition for making country music relatable to the younger generation.

Despite her huge success in her country music, in 2014, Swift turned in her cowboy boots for a pair of sparkly stilettos and a chance at popstar fame. With no transfer credits required, she became an A-list pop star and her fan base only grew. She released pop hit after pop hit and never looked back.

Throughout her career, Swift has always had a sunny disposition and a “girl next door” vibe; however, with all the negative comments made by the media and by fellow celebrities such as Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry, Swift has finally snapped. In her new album, Reputation, she gives into her bad reputation and embraces her “snake” narrative. Her music seems to have surpassed the “middle school love songs” and has now gone into a darker more adult attitude.
In her newest music video “Look What You Made Me Do”, Taylor displays controversial situations that have got many fans digging around for the hidden meanings. Many people believe that this song was written in response to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian shaming her. The lyric “tilted stage” is said to be a reference of Kanye’s raised stage that he would perform on that would constantly tilt and create problems. The snake images in her music video are said to be a response to Kim Kardashian publicly calling her a snake. The bathtub full of diamonds is also said to be a reference to Kim’s robbery in Paris where she was forced to stay in the hotel bathtub. Despite the theories flying around the internet, neither Taylor or her representatives have yet to make a statement regarding these accusations.

“It’s a new side of Taylor, and I dig it,” said University freshman and musician, Colleen McGovern.

Freshman Renée Gummi believes even with backlash Swift is still able to put out relevant content.

“She’s good at building herself back up regardless of the cruel opinions or comments of others and using it as an inspiration to make art,” said Gummi.

However, not all are enamoured with this new “welcome to the dark-side Taylor.” Many believe that this new album is a collection of all her victimizations. Film and Screen Studies major at the University, Trevor Lenzi, had the following to say about Taylor.

“I feel that she’s fake and this is all about making more money and not the art of it,” said Lenzi.

Classically trained singer and University freshman, Emily Latshaw agreed with Lenzi when asked about Swift’s music switch.

“I think her new music is her trying too hard to be edgy and it’s fake,” said Latshaw.

We wait to see what the entire album brings. Is the old Taylor and her old music really dead? Will the entire album be a dark representation of herself? I for one, will be waiting in anticipation.


Photo courtesy of Junkee