The short-lived “Life of Kylie”


Brooke Sufrin

She’s known for her selfies, her makeup, her scandals, her family, and being “Kendall’s little sister.” Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has grown up in the spotlight, with the watchful eye of the public as the only thing she’s ever known. With hope to change her image and allow people to know her more personally, she released a tell-all documentary series, Life of Kylie, that failed after a mere eight episodes. Clearly Kylie should stick with her mom and sisters. But what else would E! network and soccer moms have to gossip about if not to mock Kylie and the Kardashians? However, is the 20-year-old really failing if everyone still knows her name and she wears bracelets the price of college tuition?

The lip kit and makeup queen, “King Kylie,” ventured out from under Kris Jenner’s wing and participated in Life of Kylie. Thirty, torturous, yet addicting minutes about her oh so glamorous and presumably “interesting” life. The poor girl wound up creating an even worse image for herself and her shallow, self centered attitude. The show, premiering on the E! network on August 6th, was apparently meant to introduce the more individual side of Kylie Jenner to the world rather than what’s on her selfie filled Instagram page. However, if what was on TV is Kylie’s “real” life then no one wants any part of it. For example, her major dilemma in the first episode was that her private jet malfunctioned before take off so she either had to fly commercial or order a larger jet to get to the prom, she wound up of course doing the latter. With dramatic music playing in the back Kylie made a negative comment about her new jet being the wrong shade of blue.

Pace University students agree that the whole thing was a major shit show, as did I. “I think they glamorized her boring life,” University freshman Colleen McGovern said. “She’d be nothing without her money.”

The girl who refers to herself as “Kylizzle,” seriously needs her own “reality” check. Her reality greatly differs from that of the public, and although each one is significant, there’s no direct connection between the two and when Jenner complains about not driving her Lamborghini around enough, the desire to punch the TV is prevalent.

The show was a disaster. While Jenner was being interviewed she was trying to be profound and thought of something her dad once told her. She stopped in the middle of her sentence not being able to remember what he said. Good job Ky.

The show is far fetched from entertaining. At least with the original reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, the audience has accepted their first world problems and learned to appreciate their gossip and drama. While Kylie stands alone, she’s just not enough; ratings has proof need I back myself up. The public craved to see another familiar Kardashian face with her because frankly Kylie and Jordan’s bestie relationship is just not enough either, let’s talk more about North West instead. But don’t worry, Kylie has more than enough to fall back on after the failure of her show and apparently she’ll be having a new best friend to keep her company in nine months.


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