The history of Hip Hop is coming to the Bronx


Sophia Tan

Appreciation for the world of hip hop is going right back down to where it all started; The Universal Hip Hop Museum is set to open up in the Bronx in 2022.

The museum will be built as part of a massive construction project that has been in the making for years. This endeavor, called The Bronx Point, is going to be an enormous affordable housing complex with over 1,000 permanent residential units, encompassing things like an open public esplanade, parks, performance venues and public seating, retail spaces, an outdoor multiplex movie theater, a new food hall hosting Bronx-based food and beverage purveyors, educational programming spaces, and of course, the hip hop museum.

This long-awaited, $300 million project will be developed on a vacant lot of land alongside the Harlem River in The Bronx. It’s a perfect and appropriate location for this new undertaking, being that The Bronx is the birthplace of the genre; the museum will certainly pay homage to the origins that hip hop was brought up from.

Partnering up with Microsoft and Google, the museum’s goals are to produce interactive, immersive experience for visitors. The foundation’s own website states that its vision is to create “immersive exhibits, live events, impactful educational programs, and a powerful new expression of the art form.” This museum may very well be an imperative step in preserving the exceptional, invaluable hip hop culture.

“[The museum will be] home for the world’s most popular art form, hip-hop culture, bringing hip-hop back to the Bronx where it originated from. It’s gonna be a complete history of hip-hop,” Executive Director of the museum Rocky Bucano said.

Bucano also reports that the museum will feature music, artifacts, video and photography, research areas, and a performance stage. These features will not only display the history of hip hop in America, but will also bring people together to support the art and the development of the Harlem River.

“The history of hip hop is something that needs to be celebrated and is worth sharing,” museum chairman Kurtis Blow said.

The museum will serve both as a refreshing tourist attraction as well as an important cultural institution, documenting the history of one of music’s most important, influential, and groundbreaking genres of the modern day, and paying tribute to the industry’s most praiseworthy artists that pioneered the genre, and played indisputable roles in shaping the world of hip hop that it is today.


Photo courtesy of @CurbedNY via Twitter