The University is in the top-third of America’s universities


Sarah Perniciaro

Every year, The Wall Street Journal pairs with Times Higher Education to evaluate the top 1,000 schools, colleges, and universities in the Unites States based on 15 performance indicators, and ranks them in order to give prospective students a comprehensive look at higher education options across the country. They do this by surveying over 200,000 current students, through their THE US Student Survey, to help assess university performance. For the year 2018, our University was placed 322nd, in the top third of the rankings; however, it is important to acknowledge that within the 2017 ranking, the University was previously ranked 273rd. Within its breakdown, it points out the Pace University School of Law, the Lienhard School of Nursing, the Lubin School of Business, and The Actors Studio MFA program all as being major academic highlights for the university. It also takes into consideration the ratio between tuition/housing costs to average salary of graduates after 10 years to determine how lucrative of an investment an education at this particular university is. For the University, these were listed as $41,333 for tuition, $17,938 for housing, and an average of a $58,000 annual salary for 10 years post-graduation. The rest of the scoring was based on four major categories: resources, engagement, outcomes, and environment.


The Rank Breakdown:

Resources- 11.7




Overall= 54.3


At first glance, these figures divuldge very little. It is now necessary to break down the evaulation piece by piece.


Resources (30%)

This assesses whether the faculty is well-equipped to teach the student body
Finance per student (11%)
Faculty per student (11%)
Research papers per faculty (8%)

University Score: 11.7%


Engagement (20%)

Engagement conveys how effectively the university engages with its students according to the US Student Survey

Student engagement (7%)
Student recommendation (6%)
Interaction with teachers and students (4%)
Number of accredited programmes (3%)

University score: 15.9%


Outcomes (40%)

Outcomes assesses if the college generates appropriate outputs, and whether or not the institution adds value to the students who attend
Graduation rate (11%)
Value added to graduate salary (12%)
Value added to loan default (7%)
Academic reputation (10%)

University score: 19.3%


Environment (10%)

Environment conveys if the university provides a learning environment for all students and includes if the institution makes an effort to attract a diverse faculty and student body
Proportion of international students (2%)
Student diversity (3%)
Student inclusion (2%)
Staff diversity (3%)

University score: 7.4%


Pace student and Business Management major Rumiya Malik was proud to hear about Pace’s placement this year. She explains, “honestly when I chose Pace I had heard great things about Lubin and all the opportunities I could take advantage of, but the fact that it was ranked so well in the top 1/3 of schools makes me even more sure of my decision. A lot of times people don’t know about Pace University so this is amazing to hear that Pace is getting recognition it deserves.” The University’s placement is extremely encouraging, and we can only hope that as a community we can help our school rise in the rankings for next year’s evaluation.


Courtesy of Twitter