The best Halloween movies to watch before Tuesday


Dylan Share

The Addams Family (1991)

This 90’s cult classic focuses on an eccentric gothic family and the spooky lives they live. During their struggle to contact their beloved Uncle Fester (presumed dead), the family encounters a strange man claiming to be Fester. Filled with fun for the whole family (living and dead), this movie is sure to leave you disturbed in the best way possible.


Corpse Bride (2005)

One of many of the brilliant stop-motion-animated movies created by Tim Burton, this eerie british film is centered around the arranged marriage of Victor and Victoria. Victoria’s family is of nobility but no longer has the capital to live by their means. However, when Victor mistakenly proposes to the corpse a young woman, she drags him below the earth into the underworld. Victor must find his way back up to the surface before his fiance is hoisted off on the nefarious Barkis Bittern. This movie is filled with great musical numbers and a lot of heart.


Odd Thomas (2013)

This strange movie focuses on the life of a clairvoyant cook who moonlights as a vigilante of those who have been wronged. Not only does he have the ability to see ghosts, but he can also see these invisible and mischievous creatures which watch death. When he receives a premonition about iminate carnage on a mass scale, it is up to him and his girlfriend Stormy to uncover the danger and stop it before it’s too late.


Hush (2016)

This silent thriller revolves around a deaf and mute writer Madison “Maddie” Young who lives in an isolated house in the woods. Her friend and neighbor Sarah visits her one day to return a book and then later that night runs back to the house after being chased by a man in a mask. Face the masked maniac as he stalks them with no apparent motive, you’ll fear for your life too.


It Follows (2014)

Every girl wants a nice handsome man right? Well, for Jamie “Jay” Height she got more than she bargained for. She meets a cute guy named Hugh and after their first date, one thing leads to another, leaving Jay with a situation that might just kill her. Hugh explains to her that he has just passed along a curse where an entity that only she can see will try to kill her. Though it can only move at a walking pace, it can take the shape of anyone and always knows her location. The only solution: kill it or pass it on.


The Hallow (2015)

This movie follows the story of a British conservationist Adam, his wife Clare, and their baby son Finn as move to a remote Irish village surrounded by a huge forest. Just as they settle in strange disturbances begin to happen. After the family calls the police, the police inform of the local legend. That the surrounding forest belongs to “The Hallows” and is inhabited by fairies, banshees, and baby stealers. Adam discovers a strange fungus in the woods that seemingly grows on anything at a remarkable pace. Encounter the creatures from the woods and trying to escape the growing fungus, they prepare to try and survive.


XX (2017)

One of the newest horror movies to grace Netflix, XX, is an American anthology horror film. The movie includes four terrifying short stories: “The Box,” “The Birthday Party,” “Don’t Fall,” and “Her Only Living Son.” Each one a disturbing and horrifying concept that leaves the audience with so many haunting questions.


Housebound (2014)

This New Zealand horror comedy starts off with Kylie trying to break into an ATM. After being caught, she is put under house arrest at her mother’s house for eight months. While being stuck at the house she begins to notice strange things happening. Her mother believes it to be a ghost, but Kylie remains skeptical. It’s only when Kylie discovers that the house once had the gruesome murder of a teenage girl does Kylie begin to believe in the paranormal. This movie has too twists too even count. I must warn that it has a slow beginning, but it is a personal favorite of mine.


The Sixth Sense (1999)

This classic supernatural horror thriller follows the story of Cole, a lonely and troubled boy, and Malcolm, a troubled psychologist who tries to help him. After surviving a gunshot from a deranged former patient, Malcolm takes on Cole as a patient, giving him his full attention. Cole later confides in Malcolm that he can see the dead and how they seem to haunt him. With disbelief, Malcolm tries to help Cole to the best of his abilities. The movie ends with a surprise that no one saw coming.


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