The Tompkins Square Dog Parade is the only Halloween event that truly matters


Austin Sanderson

It’s no secret that our culture has an infatuation with animals. For example, in 2016, Fortune reported that U.S. pet owners spent $62.75 billion on pet-related purchases alone, which might explain why the annual Halloween Dog Parade is so popular. The Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade is a perfect example of the obsession with man’s best friend. What appeared to be thousands of people flocked to the East Village on Saturday, Oct. 21 to watch dogs parade around in their little costumes. The parade is organized as a fundraiser for the dog park at Tompkins Square. Owners can register their dogs in the costume contest where prizes are given out to the best dressed dog.


Many of the pet owners got creative with their costumes. There were all kinds of unicorns and skeletons marching around the park with the same delightful glee as their owners. Some owners took the costumes a step further and set up full presentations. One black and white dog was being carried around in a large Ben & Jerry’s Cookies and Cream Ice Cream container while the largest presentation was a cardboard White House podium set up for two dogs dressed up as President Donald Trump and his advisor Kellyanne Conway.


The University did advertise the parade around campus and many students took the opportunity to attend. “Best day of my life, heaven on Earth; I’m so glad that Pace advertised it,” said freshman Kiara Smith. One can assume that this event was popular because there was not just one group of students, but two that travelled up to the East Village to visit the park. One group met inside of Maria’s Tower, while the other met outside of 33 Beekman.


In case you did miss the parade this year, there is no need to worry. The parade has been put on every year since 1990 and is scheduled to happen again next year.


Photos by Austin Sanderson