Does Apple want your nudes?


Liv Hanewald

It is no surprise to millennials that technology is constantly becoming more complex; phones are almost entirely made of glass, and a robot in Saudi Arabia has just been given legal citizenship.This is all well and good, but there can be a darker side to technology that we’ve only begun to recognize. A Twitter user, @ellieeewbu, recently discovered that iPhones are constantly recognizing and sorting bra photos.

It’s true! Just go to the photos app and type “brassiere” in the search bar. Images will appear in an album; all wonderful bra photos sorted perfectly into one section. While it is quite impressive that iPhone software can recognize such details, it is quite shocking and mildly disturbing to some.

Image recognition was added to Apple in June of 2017. It is an extensively advanced update to iOS devices that can detect and sort images based on categories, such as animals, food, vehicles, forests, airports, and hundreds more. The purpose of image recognition was ultimately to create a more organized and easy-to-understand process for any user.

Though some find it scary that Apple’s software is made to recognize such specific objects, such as bras, Apple announced that this image detection process is visible to you and you alone. Unless you show these albums to another person, they will remain private.

While the feature has been around for months now, the incredible detail of the program is just starting to be noticed. Many iPhone users are aware of facial recognition, which sorts photos of you and other friends into a “people” album categorized by face, but any other category that was available was not displayed as accessibly, so it is no surprise that the newly recognized information is creating an unsettling feeling for many technology users.

The question remains whether Apple went too far when it comes to privacy. The argument is beginning to make its rounds in the discussions of daily life today. Even though these photos are safe to the user, will people ever truly feel comfortable knowing that phones can detect aspects of our personal physique, or of their personal lives in general?

One thing is for sure: technology’s advancements are developing so quickly, it is hard for the public to keep up or even recognize these changes. Keep an eye out for new technology and perhaps the software won’t be quite as shocking.


jackmac34 / Pixabay