The five albums you have to hear before November is over


Samantha Unger

The Thrill of it All x Sam Smith

Three years after the record breaking album that launched Sam Smith into the world of awards and concert venues, his return has been a much awaited one. Struggling with the idea that his second album would fall short of his first award winning one, Smith successfully creates an album that evokes emotion, and conveys his personal experiences. The creation of the album served as an emotional outlet for him, and with each melodic vocal, listeners are transported into the mind of an artist who strives to create music that reflects the complex and often overwhelming human experience.

Release Date: November 3


Reputation x Taylor Swift

With the announcement of the recently deceased “Old Taylor Swift”, fans have eagerly anticipated the return of the recreated singer on her sixth album. After clearing out her social media accounts and posting cryptic pictures, fans began to await the news of an album release which was pleasantly delivered after a picture of the album cover and release date was posted to her Instagram account. What began as a career in country music, shifted to stronger pop elements as Taylor’s musical style developed. Now, the singer has embraced a reinvention of her look and a darker pop sound, as she works hard to distance herself from her past appearance in the media and uses the album’s lead single “Look What You Made Me Do” to hit back at all of the negative press surrounding her past relationships and image in the spotlight. The curly haired guitar player with the teardrops on her guitar, the energetic red sparkly ringleader, and the electric neon-pop superstar that embodied each of her respective previous albums have faded with the Old Taylor, paving way for the unforgiving and unstoppable New Taylor.

Release Date: November 10


What If Nothing x Walk the Moon

The third studio album by the Cincinnati alternative-rock band that brought us  “Anna Sun” and “Shut Up and Dance” arrives November 10th, a week before they begin their North American tour. The collective energy of the album is indicative of the four member’s individual  experiences on their hiatus, as they encountered love, moments of self-inquiry, and loss. The first single the group released, “One Foot”, is an upbeat ode to self-progress in times of doubt, and is a track emblematic of the resilience the band was able to achieve through their musical ventures after reconvening to create the dynamic arrangement of ballads and rock.

Release Date: November 10


Low in High School x Morrissey

In his eleventh solo studio album, Morrissey again, without fail, manages to convey his charismatic personality through his sharp lyrics and fitting track titles. Even creating a twitter account to adorably tweet the title of the lead single “Spent the Day in Bed”, Morrissey has captivated audiences since the 1980’s, building a fanbase that admires his outgoing nature and emotive vocals. As he embarks on his tour (occasionally fitting in some of his old classics from his Smiths days) he continues to articulate his sentiments towards the changing world and nostalgic past that remains in his heart, leaving anyone in the path of his intricate art to simply awe at the understated creative musical genius that is Morrissey.

Release Date: November 17


Everyday is Christmas x Sia

With a few weeks left until Christmas, many impatiently wait for the arrival of the month characterized by colorful lights, snow covered roads, warm gatherings, and most importantly- Christmas music. For Sia, however, a month doesn’t seem to do the holiday celebrations justice, instead trying to establish the idea that every day should reflect that of the joyful festivities during the holiday season.  The cover of the Australian singer’s first holiday album features Maddie Ziegler, the young dancer from “Dance Moms” who rose to fame after starring in numerous Sia music videos. Despite the various creative ventures Sia has committed to throughout the year, such as writing and directing her first film, the electropop musician has found time to create this joyful gift of an album that is sure to only increase the excitement already beginning to accumulate toward the holiday season.

Release Date: November 17


PitPony/ Wikimedia Commons