Lack of communication from University concerning graduation causes unnecessary stress for soon-to-be-grads


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Caroline Weindorfer

As spring semesters end at universities across the nation, thousands of college seniors are preparing to graduate. With immense pressure to apply for jobs, prepare for finals, and submit college theses, the last thing seniors should be worrying about is if their loved ones will be able to see them walk at their college commencement ceremony.

This is, unfortunately, a worry that many students at Pace University are currently dealing with at the moment. As commencement approaches, soon-to-be-graduates are facing an unexpected final test: navigating the intricacies of the University’s Commencement ceremony.

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CC0 Public Domain | pxhere

Many University students are unaware of the specific details regarding the commencement ceremony. Due to the lack of communication, University students are scrambling for guarantees that they’ll have a cap and gown, tickets, and travel accommodations for family and friends. This failure to coordinate commencement has caused students to feel anxious.

Jenifer Loren, a University senior, spoke about how the lack of specific details has made her worried if she will be able to have her loved ones see her walk across the stage at Radio City Music Hall for the 2018 Pace University Commencement ceremony. “I guess Pace never added me to the list of students who are graduating because I never was told about cap and gown ordering, and the only people who were aware of it were on the email list. When I found out I missed the due date to order my cap and gown and tickets, I rushed to the office of student success and was told I would have to be on a waitlist and there was no guarantee that I would be able to walk. It caused me a lot of stress because I’m a first-generation college student and I shouldn’t be punished because of lack of communication,” Loren said.

Students have expressed that unless a student is informed by their academic advisor to be added to an email list for graduation deals, then a student has no way of knowing what needs to be done. Students are asking for school-wide communication for graduation details. The University has a whole office dedicated to commencement; leaving it up to advisors makes little sense.

This disconnect between the commencement office at the University and the students is creating the risk of loved ones of University students missing a huge milestone in one’s life.

In order for underclassmen to avoid these issues next year, they should be aware of these commencement details. If students would have been more aware of what needs to be done in order to get crucial information this could have been avoided.

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