Be our guest: new University guest policy

Mae Martinez

Wikimedia Commons

As a new calendar year approaches, University students are anticipating the same routine they experienced once before. However, during the summer months, The Office of Housing and Residential Life (OHRL) have been making some revisions to a set of policies that residential students are quite familiar with—the guest policy. After receiving suggestions and observing the University population, OHRL has decided to change the policy to better serve the student body.

Before diving into the facts, the website clarifies the expectations of University students as well as their guests, saying, “Pace University aims to provide on-campus residents with the opportunity and privilege of having guests while also maintaining the security and comfort for all members of the residential community. This balance relies on a culture of mutual respect and a process of policy enforcement. Pace University reserves the right to deny or remove a guest from campus at any time.”

The process of registering a guest is almost identical, the guest must be 18 years of age or older, and have a valid government issued or Pace University ID card. Foreign National Government Issued ID’s are now being accepted in addition to the traditional Driver’s License, Military ID, and Foreign Passport.

Each guest will receive a guest pass, and it is the host’s responsibility to stay with them at all times during their visit. Remaining in the updated policy is the number of guests you can have—two at a given time and two long-term guests up to three consecutive nights per visit for a maximum of ten nights within a month.

Among the new policy developments is a new distinction between the types of guest you can have. Upon registering a guest, hosts will be asked if the guest is staying short-term, or long term.

Guests that arrive during the hours of operation and leave before the community desk closes are considered short-term guests. Guests that arrive during the hours of operation and remain signed-in past the close of the community desk (1:00 am) are considered long-term guests. Guests who do not sign-out before the close of the community desk automatically become registered as a long-term guest, even if the guest does not remain in the residence hall, and counts towards the host’s monthly guest allowance. Guests registered as long-term will receive a pass for the number of nights they are staying and do not need to be signed out by the resident who registered them.

Registering a guest after the closing of the desk will not be permitted. If the guest does not possess a valid ID, exceeds the limit of overnight stays, or is underage, the host of the guest can fill out a guest exception at least 72 hours before the guest requires the exception. You can do this on Residential life also lists the action plan regarding violation of policy and the repercussions that come with such actions. Overall, be responsible, plan ahead, and know the policy when it comes to having guests in the residence halls.