Good American launches new jean size 15: Khloe Kardashian in the body positive movement


Brianna Adkins

Khloe Kardashian’s brand, Good American, announced the incoming arrival of a new style of jeans. American plus-sized women are being included in the fashion conversation after the launch of Kardashian’s brand new jean size: size 15. After years of women struggling to find the perfect-fit denim, the company decided to kick off the inclusive size on September 20, giving another option to women stuck between sizes 14 and 16.

The brand, launched in 2016 by cofounders Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede, was created with the mission of supplying fashionable apparel that is designed for a curvier, sexier, and stronger shape.

According to a Good American spokesperson, the company found that they were receiving 50 percent more returns on sizes 14 and 16. Upon reviewing the countless numbers and personal messages from their consumers, the brand decided to “invent” a size 15 jean—a size which has never before been available. Since 68 percent of women in the United States wear a size 14 or above, according to Plunket Research, this was an excellent decision made by the clothing company.

“It wasn’t about having a new denim line,” Kardashian explained the intent behind the line. “It was about doing something that empowers other women, something that’s going to break down barriers.”

The Good American brand claims that they are proud to be identified as leaders in the body positive movement—a social movement dedicated to acknowledging that all human beings should be accepting and appreciative of all body types. With the body-positivity movement at the highest it has ever been, it was both socially and economically wise to include this size option to their line.

While the line is receiving positive press regarding their inclusive and strategic marketing, Kardashian seems to promote mixed messages on her personal social media. The celebrity encourages diet and hunger-suppressing products daily. In one post, Kardashian may tell her followers to love and accept the body they have, but in another the Good American co-founder is caught making an advertisement for Flat Tummy Co. meal replacement shakes.

Kardashian’s Good American line seems to be more body positive than she claims to be. Instagram will continue to be the platform through which her products are endorsed. Is this new size addition a step into a more body accepting role in the famous business-woman’s life? Instagram will be sure to keep audiences informed on this.