Who needs a quad when we have NYC?



Brooke Salamone

Being a college student in New York City, especially as a nontraditional campus, is a completely different experience compared to most college locations. While our campus consists of One Pace Plaza, 41 Park Row, 163 Williams Street, 156 Williams Street, the Performing Arts building, as well as other midtown locations, it is no shock that the University is different compared to most cookie-cutter college campuses.

There’s no place like New York City. There are endless places to explore, but these locations make this urban campus the home of thousands.

  1. The Seaport

Perhaps one of the most popular locations in lower Manhattan is the South Street Seaport, located just a five-minute walk from One Pace Plaza. Whether taking a lunch break with friends, looking for a place to tan on a sunny day, or searching for that outdoor study, the seaport can provide it all.

“I love to go to the seaport to study and get work done, it’s a great public place where everyone has the same mindset to do work,” shares University sophomore Emma Note.

The seaport overlooks Manhattan’s East River with a stunning view of the Brooklyn Bridge and skyline. Talk about a nice place to take some Instagram pictures….

“I like going to the seaport because I enjoy being outside and it is pretty quiet there,” says University sophomore Bennett Hausman. “I also enjoy the green space available to hang out with friends and chill out during the nice weather.”

  1. Brookfield Place

Looking for a place with free Wi-Fi to do your work while also overlooking the Hudson River? If so, Brookfield Place is the perfect fit. Located at 230 Vesey Street, Brookfield Place has an array of indoor seating and dining options perfect for causal studying or grabbing lunch with friends.

“I love to go to Brookfield Place to get work done,” shares Note. “It’s a safe environment for me and I always know I can get work done there.”

Not to mention, if you are a cupcake lover, Sprinkles cupcake shop is located right in the dining court. Grab a sweet snack to get you through your studying.

“I love studying at Brookfield, I feel like I can enjoy the city, get away from Pace for a little and still get a lot of work done,” says University student, Alexandra Puga. “Brookfield has great perks, especially the food and amazing views!”

Side note: This article is currently being written in the comfort of Brookfield Place overlooking the Hudson and enjoying the free Wi-Fi. Highly recommended study location.

  1. Battery Park

Battery Park is located at the southern edge of Manhattan, overlooking the Hudson River just a few steps outside Brookfield Place!

“I love Battery Park. It is such a nice environment to study and get work done on a nice day,” says University student Lauren Moser.

When you have spare time, you can grab a table outside and see the Statue of Liberty while doing homework or while walking along the edge of the water.

“I really enjoy Battery Park because I can go for a run along the water or walk when it is nice out listening to music and just relaxing,” shares Hausman.

Who needs a traditional quad when you have places like Battery Park? The views are something you definitely cannot get anywhere else and are truly unique to the urban campus.

“Battery Park is not Battery Park without the amazing view,” shares Moser. “It’s a great place to go to just clear your head or even sit down with your friends and have a cup of coffee on a lunch break.”

In the winter, Battery Park opens a small ice skating rink for park-goers. What better way to celebrate the holiday season?

  1. Birch Coffee

And last but certainly not least, Birch Coffee.

It is pretty obvious that most college students cannot get through the day without a cup of coffee, so why not study while you drink your favorite cup?

Birch is located across the street from One Pace Plaza on Spruce Street and is definitely a university favorite.

“Birch Coffee is an off-campus location that I like to go to with friends or even by myself to hang or just relax,” shares Note. “It’s nice to get out of the school environment sometimes and get your mind thinking about other things, and the coffee is delicious.”

Bring a friend with you or even go to make a new friend. Birch offers a unique way to meet new people. After you order your coffee, grab a plastic tab from the counter with a conversation starter question and go sit next to someone new. Who knows, the rest can be history.

“I worked at Birch for around six months, and I have been a loyal customer since the beginning of my freshman year,” shares Shep Ashchepkova. “Most people don’t enjoy the fact that there isn’t Wi-Fi, but I think it is a great idea because it encourages the customers to meet each other and it builds an amazing community!”

Whether your go to space is in Midtown, or in Brooklyn, the University’s urban campus has something for everyone.