Cafe 101 and flex dollar updates

Brooke Salamone

While most meal plan and flex dollar amounts are diminishing, many university students still may not have noticed some changes to Café 101, as well as what is newly included in the flex dollar meal plan. Developing a college eating schedule is difficult enough as it is; therefore, university students may want to know what changes have taken place over the summer in regards to dining on and off campus.

The New Cafe 101:

For returning university students, walking into Café 101 for the first time this semester might have been a bit of a shock. Let’s just say the dining hall has taken on a more modern look… “The new look took a while to get used to,” shares University sophomore Emma Note. “I love the new tables and chairs; the old ones were very loud and heavy and the new ones are not.”

The stations themselves have not changed, we still can depend on The Grill, the sushi bar, the buffet, the Mexican Station, the smoothie station, the salad station, the sandwich station, the pasta station, the pizza station and more.

There are new tables and chairs throughout the entire Cafe as well as a new paint job. The talk of the University seems to be the white walls. “I do think the paint they chose might be too bright, but the improvements were needed,” says Note.

For some, the bright walls are a pleasant change. “I love that they made the colors brighter and added the green paint,” shares University sophomore Phil Sgobba. “I think it is a nice pop. Looks newer and fresher.”

“I think the updates are very nice, but they could have used the money in a better way like maybe renovating some of the bathrooms,” says University sophomore Kameron Kamel. “Don’t get me wrong, the new furniture and lighting is great, but I also thought the way it was last year was great as well.”

Flex Dollar Hot Spots:

“I don’t know what I would do without Flex dollars. That’s all I have to say,” shares University sophomore Lauren Moser.

While many might miss the comfort of a home cooked meal, the University has many flex dollar spots that may be worth adding to the must-try restaurant list. Here is a list of all 19 locations that New York City campus students can use with their flex dollars.

Locations on Fulton Street: Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Chipotle, GRK, Red Mango Frozen Yogurt, The Melt Shop, Tandoor Palace, Magic Mix Juicery, and CVS Pharmacy.

Locations on Williams Street: Dante’s Gourmet Foods, Bareburger, Rosella’s Pizza, and Greek from Greece — GFG Bakery.

Locations on John Street: Casa Toscana and Subway.

Locations on Maiden Lane: Pressed Juicery — Financial District, and Terri NYC.

Locations on Nassau Street: Stamina Grill

Locations on Church Street: Schnippers

Locations on Broadway: Pressed Juicery — Fulton Center

Many returning University students may notice that Brody’s Bagels, a University favorite, is no longer on the flex dollar list. Brody’s unfortunately closed over the summer, leaving behind some very upset students. “I think we could all agree the closure of Brody’s is a tragedy,” shares Moser.

However, CVS Pharmacy is new, and university students seem to be loving it. “I think CVS is a great addition to our flex dollars,” shares University sophomore Bennett Hausman. “There is so much at CVS that I can buy.”

Here are a few flex dollar favorites shared by University students.

“My favorite spot is GRK because it’s so different from anything we have in the cafe,” shares Note. “I love getting the plates there because you get the most food and you can customize ever bite.”

In addition to GRK, university students also seem to love Chipotle. “My favorite flex dollar location is Chipotle,” shares Sgobba. “I like to get the chicken and cheese quesadilla.”

And we cannot forget Potbelly. “Potbelly’s big Italian w extra hot peppers is the best to buy with our flex dollars,” shares Kameron Kamel, University sophomore.

For more information regarding flex dollars please visit “Students can visit the Auxiliary service page on www.pace.edufor updates,” shared Clifford Mondesir, Director of Dining Operations.

As students approach the mid semester term, finding inexpensive, fun spots to dine out can be a great way to destress. With this, Café 101, flex dollars and their new locations are greatly significant for University students.