Preparing for your next opportunity: internships

Brooke Salamone

It is, yet again, the time of year when spring internship applications are beginning to appear on Handshake, the University’s very own version of Whether students see signs on campus or postings on the web, it is no shock that employers are starting to open up internship applications for Spring 2019. While this can be overwhelming, it is also exciting for students.

Internships are not only resume and experience builders, but also gateways to possible job offers after graduation. Specifically for University students, being located in New York City is an automatic advantage as there are a multitude of positions available to apply for. But applying for internships requires time, organization, practice, and patience. Luckily, the University offers a multitude of resources to help students prepare to find an internship that best suits their interests.

Before applying for internships, it is important to research University resources, student advice, and some general tips to help keep calm and organized when preparing to apply.

“Remaining organized is extremely essential to be involved in internship opportunities,” shares University senior Jake Cameron. “It’s just a matter of staying on top of your situation.”

Cameron has interned at business technology magazine called Fast Company, NBCUniversal, Viacom, and now Disney.

Organization is key. The application process can get extremely overwhelming extremely fast, but take a step back and take deep breath. The best way to start may be with a list of your goals for yourself. What do you want to accomplish? What type of internship do you want to apply for? How many places would you like to apply to? Knowing the answers to these important questions can help keep your application process on track.

“You’re not really living unless you set standards for yourself,” shares Cameron. “You would not attend a city school with endless opportunities around you if you did not have some type of goal.”

Goals are a key component in your internship search.

“The best question to ask yourself is truly what would your dream be. And if you don’t have a dream, what is something that sounds really cool to you,” shares Cameron. “This is a great way to get started.”

Once you have a list of your goals, you can begin your search. Keeping a list of goals while searching can be a helpful reminder of what exactly you are searching for. Read each job description thoroughly, and take note of the places and positions that seem to be a perfect fit.

“A great search engine to use is WayUp. I learned about them through our current campus rep Ciara Negron, and I find the site to be very helpful when applying,” shares University sophomore Colleen McGovern.

McGovern is currently interning a KPA Talent Management as a Social Media Coordinator.

LinkedIn, Handshake, Indeed, WayUp, and are just a few websites that will make the search easier. You can narrow down exactly what you are looking for into the search bars at the top, to cut down the time you spend reading through postings.

“Skimming LinkedIn or NYC internships is a good way to get started. Think about a company you’ve admired or at least know a little about,” shares Cameron. “Start there.”

Building a LinkedIn Profile is definitely a plus for applying to internships. LinkedIn can help you not only find internships that are suitable, but also help you build connections. Building reputable connections is a key component in the professional world. LinkedIn will also allow you to connect with other members, which only enhances your networking. In adding past work or leadership experience, you become more marketable to employers.

“My first 2 internships were offered based on the fact that I had a good relationship with one of my professors,” shares Cameron. “Being close with them is absolutely essential when first starting out because they have the connection, they just need to see the potential in you.”

In addition to public job search sites, Handshake keeps University students informed with all events happening on campus that are run by Career Services, ranging from career fairs to resume building workshops. Career Services is located on the 14th floor of 41 Park Row and is an office designed to help in every aspect of career searching.

“I have had a great experience with career services at Pace,” shares McGovern. “Career services has helped me in a million ways as an individual and also as the secretary of The IN.”

Handshake also connects students with a multitude of job and internship opportunities. To have full access to applying to these opportunities, students must attend a resume workshop and then meet with an advising counselor to be deemed “market ready.” Once a career service member reviews and approves your resume, you will then be able to access Handshake to the fullest ability.

Once you have selected where you would like to apply, it’s time to perfect your resume and cover letter.

“I created my first resume when I was a senior, revised it when I came to Pace, and I haven’t stopped updating it since,” shares Cameron.

A resume is your marketing tool. All the past jobs, experiences, and leadership positions you have held now have their time to shine. While resume writing can be stressful, Career Services offers both group and one-on-one resume writing workshops. Along with these workshops, career services has a guidebookthat can help students take their first step at creating a resume.

“I attended a resume workshop during my first year here, which was very informative. I came in with a good amount of knowledge, and left with so much more,” shares Colleen. “I then got my resume approved, which took a few one-on-one meetings to perfect. Following that, I attended an interview workshop so I could know what to expect and how to handle difficult questions.”

So how are fellow University students feeling about finding internships?

“I think my biggest fear about interning is that when I get to the internship, I will find that my field isn’t the right fit for me,” shares University sophomore Emma Note. “I have put so much time and effort into my major and to get there and find out it’s not for me would be heartbreaking.”

“I think the process for applying is definitely overwhelming, solely because you have to find one that not only aligns with your interests, but is also compatible with your work and school schedule,” shares University sophomore Phil Sbogga.

“Applying for an internship is intimidating, you have to convince the employer to hire you,” continues Sbogga. “And ultimately make good first impressions.”

While applying to internships can be stressful for everyone in all different ways, they can be the best experience of your college career.

“Don’t be afraid to talk to people,” shares Cameron. “Yes, it’s intimidating to talk to professors or upperclassmen or even professionals, but you’d be surprised how open people are just to talk to you.”

Staying organized, keeping on top of your applications, and taking advantage of all the resources the University has to offer are just a few ways to stay on the ball during this overwhelming time.

“My last bit of advice for students who are looking for internships is to get involved,” shares Colleen, “is that there are so many recruiters coming to Pace who are actively looking to hire interns. I have made many connections by going to Recruiter events the Industry Network, and other Pace clubs have held. Pace also brings in a lot of alumni to events who are more than willing to help. Ask questions and follow up with them, you never know what may happen.”