University whereabouts this fall


Fall Traditions

Brooke Salamone

Pumpkin spice, apple picking, and hay rides all mean one thing—it’s fall! Many believe being located in New York City means missing out on some traditional outdoor fall experiences.

Being located in Manhattan does not mean you have to skip out on these fun fall festivities that everyone knows and loves. While our pumpkin spice lattes are a key staple for the city, many students visit nearby events as well.

In fact, some fall activities are just in our backyard. Governors Island is a 172-acre island in the heart of New York Harbor. While the island is only open until October 31st of the year to the public, there are many fall activities during that time. “I went to Governors Island with Her Campus this fall,” shares University sophomore Carla Peragallo. “There were all sorts of food! The art exhibitions are really nice and the views of the city are amazing.” 2018 is the first year that Governors Island has remained open for the month of October. The island offers many activities such as trick or treating, cultural fall programs, and a night of 1,000 Jack O’Lanterns.

“My favorite part was riding a 6 people bike with my friends around the island and singing out loud to our favorite songs, and it was free as we went on a weekend before midday,” shares Peragallo. Many additional students look forward to another visit next fall.

University students praised Central Park for also being the place to be during autumn in the city, especially as an escape from the concrete jungle. “Being in New York in the fall, I love going up to Central Park to just walk around,” shares University sophomore Alex Puga. “It’s so peaceful to go into the park and get away from the crazy city!”

“Central Park is so nice in the fall,” shares University sophomore Bennett Hausman. “There are so many places to just hangout around the park, and it’s a great place to bring lunch and to take pictures.”

However, it also seems that students are often escaping the city for the weekend to go back home. “If I find a good pumpkin patch or apple orchard at home I definitely find time to go,” shares Puga.

For University students who cannot go back home easily, there are many pumpkin patches and apple orchards in the tri-state area for students who might just want a day break from New York.

“I love going pumpkin picking on Long Island,” shares University sophomore Lauren Moser. “The environment is just the best during the fall.”

But not all fun fall festivities are outside. In fact, some students would prefer to participate in indoor activities. “During the fall, as the weather is not that nice to do outside activities, I do a lot inside activities,” shares Peragallo, who is an international student. “I like to go to the movies with my friends. It’s a completely different experience than doing it in Argentina. My favorite movie theater is the one by the pier.”

“I also like to have coffee with my friends and talk about everything. I feel fall is a season where I can relax and stay in, instead of the summer when I am always doing a lot of outdoor activities,” shares Peragallo.

The fall season would be amiss without the infamous Thanksgiving break. Students find themselves packing for a week spent at home, feasting among family and friends. However, with a mix of many international students and students who live across the country, the responses seem to vary about plans for the American holiday.

“I am going home for thanksgiving break to spend time with my family and see my friends,” shares Hausman. “I live not too far from New York, so it’s easy for me to get home.” Some international students, however, have a different plan for the break. “I don’t go home for thanksgiving because the flight to Argentina is expensive and I’m going to be home for less than a week so it’s not worth it,” shares Peragallo. “Also, thanksgiving is not an Argentinian holiday.”

“I don’t stay at the dorms though,” continues Peragallo. “Last year I went to my cousin’s house and this year I’m spending thanksgiving with my roommate on Long Island where she lives.”

Each student has their own experiences and rituals that define fall for themselves. While fall may be different for many students, it is a time for enjoying the crisp weather and taking a break before the madness of the holiday season. Enjoy that pumpkin spice latte, because before you know it, the fall will be gone and winter will take over.