Spreading all the way to NYC: The Nutella Cafe


Nutella Cafe in Toronto

Brooke Salamone

Peanut butter and jelly are arguably one of the most popular spreads in America, but recently consumers are favoring Nutella, a sweet chocolate-hazelnut spread. While Pietro Ferrero, the man who invented Nutella, cherished this invention prior to its release, the product was sold on the market until 1964. The iconic jar was introduced the following year.

To this day, Nutella is frequently used in households as a spread, a dip, or even a spoonful. New Yorkers are now given the chance to enjoy Nutella in a whole new way. The city’s first Nutella Cafe recently opened its doors on Nov. 14. Located in Union Square, the brand-new cafe offers various Nutella-inspired and -infused items, such as breakfast treats, desserts, hot beverages, and gelato. While America’s first Nutella Cafe opened in May 2017 in Chicago, the New York City cafe is a special treat to those in the area, especially to University students who enjoy the spread.

The cafe is located between 13th Street and University Place. When crowded, the space can feel quite small, but the staff does a great job utilizing what they have and guiding customers to their seating. After an order is made, the customer is given a table number, and their food is delivered to the table. The cafe even features its own station made for creating custom desserts. The customers are made up of both tourists visiting the city as well as native New Yorkers. The majority of the people waiting in line and enjoying their Nutella-infused meal inside looked like college students or groups of young people in their mid-twenties. There were also families seated throughout the cafe, as it offers a homey and cozy atmosphere.

At any time of the day, customers can choose from Nutella croissants, crepes, waffles, and pancakes, and even add their chosen fruit to the order for an additional $1.50. For example, a Nutella crepe made with bananas costs $6.77. Not only are food and drinks available for purchase, but the cafe also has Nutella jars for sale, and they come in various types of sizes. The overall prices on their menu are not out of the ordinary for the city, considering the location of the store and the large, well-loved company.

Even though the Nutella Cafe is not located in the Financial District, it is only approximately two miles away from campus. University freshman Amy Chen states, “The Nutella Cafe would definitely be a fun place for Pace students to check out. It is a good opportunity to hang out and experience the new places in the city. There is even a variety of food for students to try while they enjoy the atmosphere.” While this is a great place to try alongside campus friends, students can even drop in to study by themselves.

University students should take advantage of all that is available to them in the city, especially the distinct restaurants and cafes in surrounding areas. University freshman Chelsea Hidalgo states, “I would love to try this cafe. It’s Nutella—you can’t go wrong with Nutella.” The Nutella Cafe is only one stop away on the 4 or 5 train from the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station and just steps away from the 14th Street-Union Square Station. If students are in the mood for a coffee, a crepe with fruit, a hazelnut blondie, or a scoop of gelato, then the Nutella Cafe is the place to try.

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Photos by Brooke Salamone