Low temperature, low costs: winter fashion for University students on a budget


Brianna Adkins

As glacial weather embraces the city with biting winds and freezing snow, snuggling up into a teddy jacket has never felt so good.

Like any season, winter calls for a wardrobe update. People donate their older clothes to shelters and thrift stores in order to make room to curate a brighter and heavier wardrobe. It’s often hard for University students to look chic on a budget, but looking great doesn’t have to come with a $1,000 price tag. Whether it’s shopping at thrift stores or consumer-friendly outlets, there’s a look out there for everyone with a price to love.

Sustainable and cheap clothing items can be found at numerous thrift stores around the city, while brand-new fashions can be found at stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Burlington. At these stores, sweaters in various colors and patterns range from $10 to $40.Remember to not discredit color! Color can pop against the snowy city background. Whether maroon striped or blue polka dots, almost everyone is guaranteed to find a style that suits them.

Trends reflect the winter fashions necessary for the colder months. Extra layers come in the styles of faux fur coats, puffer jackets, turtlenecks, and color block sweaters. As for shoes, good grip and comfort are huge factors to consider: combat boots, colorful ankle booties, and waterproof sneakers are great options.

Brianna Schanck, College Fashionista member and University sophomore, notes that her own favorite winter staple is a cozy faux fur coat. “Faux fur/wool coats are definitely winter fashion necessities in my opinion,” Schanck said. “They’re super fashionable, but also comfortable and practical for the winter weather. I’ve gotten a few of mine from thrift shops around the city, so they can definitely be affordable if you know where to look! L-train [thrift store] always has a good selection, but Forever 21 also has really nice affordable ones!”

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“My go-to winter staple is a classic black turtleneck,” said Karina Mbulo, a University junior. “I have [turtlenecks] in every style—I have chunky cable-knit ones from H&M, thinner ones and cropped ones from American Eagle, bodysuit turtlenecks from Aerie, cropped cold shoulder ones from H&M, ones with a fun cut-out in the front from H&M. Basically [if there’s] any kind of black turtleneck, I own it,” Mbulo said. “You can dress them up or dress them down, so they’re perfect for work, school, or going out!”

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Whether it’s a cozy sweater, faux fur coat, or fleece lined leggings, there’s a new winter addition to a wardrobe waiting to be found. The area of New York City is perfect for searching for winter style that’s both affordable and chic. It’s a hub for the best fashion for University students, so go out and get to shopping!