Celebrating Black History Month in NYC


Black History Month

Barbara Rucci

Black History Month is an annual commemoration of black history, and New York City is the perfect place to celebrate it. There are plenty of opportunities for University students to participate in the festivities that are just a subway ride away.

Students have endless access to information about pivotal moments in black history. Learning about the powerful figures and events not only educates the public about how important black history is, but can also give a platform for discussion, especially in the current political climate.

For starters, it is important to reflect on what the most well-known leaders have accomplished in history. Former President Barack Obama’s inauguration speech was a pivotal moment in history, as it was the first made by a black president. And while Martin Luther King Jr. Day happened in January, his advocacy, speeches, and fight for equal rights influence our society daily.


There are also many places showcasing black artists, such as the Apollo Theater. A Harlem landmark, the theater is hosting special events all throughout February to celebrate 85 years of providing a venue for African American performers to call home. Tickets for dance performances, concerts, and amateur nights are available on their website.

The Studio Museum in Harlem is a space dedicated to displaying work done exclusively by people of African descent. “I believe museums are one of the best ways to immerse yourself into culture and history. Especially ones that present from a specific culture’s point-of-view because they are direct and highly informative,” said University junior Josh Guerrier.  Hours of operations and exhibits are available on their website.

Music lovers will not want to miss out on the Hush Hip Hop Tours, which emphasize the importance of music throughout the years with tours around The Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn, and Queens. The invention of hip-hop in The Bronx during the 1970s still influences the musicians today. Hush Hip Hop provides various tours to choose from, such as “Birthplace of Hip-Hop Tour,” “Where Brooklyn At?” “Walk This Way Thru Harlem,” and many more. Tickets are available on HushTours.com.

For those who love history, A Shared History is a free event where the audience can experience jazz musician Newman Taylor Baker and his band Washboard XT speak on their personal experiences as African-American artists, in addition to hearing the band’s music. This event takes place on Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 6:00 p.m. at the 14th Street Y. To RVSP, check out Eventbrite.

While these events are powerful and informative, they barely scratch the surface of all that is offered throughout the city. University students are encouraged to explore the given options above while also finding their own unique ways to reflect on the importance of this month. Students are also encouraged to participate in events on campus, where multiple clubs are presenting Black History Month-inspired events!

Black History Month is a significant time to come together and celebrate all that has been accomplished in the past and all there is to look forward to in the future.