NYC Design Factory: Featuring honors students


Honors college

Barbara Rucci

Honors University students Ezana Ćeman, Sammy Chen Li, Sammy Geller, Noelle Howard, and Vivian Ning presented their innovative projects at NYC Design Factory’s Halfway Show. The event took place on Friday, Feb. 9 in the University’s very own Seidenberg Lounge. University students who attend both NYC and Pleasantville campuses were involved in these Product Development Projects, but were also given the opportunity to collaborate with college students from countries such Poland, Austria, and Finland.

The Halfway Show was an opportunity for students to present what they have worked on thus far in the semester and discuss how they plan on concluding their projects. While students worked on the Product Development Projects, they were responsible for brainstorming extraordinary ideas, explaining their plans for creating a prototype, and collaborating with the students who live and study overseas. Students also conducted surveys and invited individuals to try out their products. All groups presented confidently, and their projects were very unique.

Time management was a necessity when working on the first half of their projects, and it will still continue to be a top priority for all groups. When asked about what it was like for students to collaborate with people from different parts of the world and opposite timezones, Vivian Ning said creating a “strong team bond” is what kept them productive.

A notable team in the works is a group called Logic Living, sponsored by LogicData. Logic Living presented their for ideas and process of creating a new type of multi-function furniture that is purposed to provide more room in small spaces such as dorm rooms and small apartments. Their main idea is to use smart transforming systems, where the furniture can be attached to a height adjustable rails latched onto walls. Their next goal is to build a functional prototype and test it on suitable consumers in order to see their reactions, note what their product is accomplishing well, and re-evaluate further improvements.

University honors students worked with students in Austria on group Logic Living. Before they began any further project work, they conducted 14 interviews with students who lived in college dorms. The main concern of those students was that they did not have enough space and wanted more to do homework, relax, use electronics, and get a good night’s sleep. Logic Living’s invention is meant to provide for all of these categories without the unnecessary clutter.  Logic Living’s final remark was to encourage consumers to, “Live Smart. Expand Your Space.”

It is no secret that University students are connected and encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities their departments present, and working with NYC Design Factory is a prime example of what the University has to offer to each department. These honors students have gone above and beyond with their studies and are also surpassing expectations through their Product Development Projects. Students and faculty who are a part of this journey are eager to see the final results, which will be presented by the same students at the end of the current spring semester.