It’s Tea Time!


While Starbucks coffee may be the go-to stop for students in need of caffeine, the city offers other alternatives that may turn out to be healthier then the your staple Americano. While we may depend on coffee and energy drinks to help us through the final part of the semester, another feasible alternative is drinking tea.

According to Today, there are plenty of positive health benefits when it comes to drinking tea. Tea can build our immune systems as it is loaded with antioxidants that work to “keep us young and protect our bodies  from damage.” It also helps with weight loss, strengthening bones and teeth, and soothing the digestive system.

It is common for University students to struggle with lack of energy, sickness, and stress. According to NBC, the best tea for an energy boost is yerba mate, an earthy tasting tea that originated in Argentina and “has the most caffeine than practically any other tea.” When feeling under the weather, ginger tea is a great way to sooth the irritation. While it will not heal illness  instantly, ginger is known for counteracting nausea and soothing stomach complications.

Cup and Leaf, a website dedicated to posting tea tips, shares that some of the best teas for stress relief are lavender, lemon balm, green, peppermint, and ginseng. All of these teas store ingredients that can calm the body and protect against high stress levels.

New York City is the home to many notable tea houses, with Alice’s Tea Cup as one of the hottest locations to visit. This Alice in Wonderland themed café is located on the Upper West Side. Known for their unique styles of tea and delicious scones, this is the perfect place to have a mini tea party with friends. There is also a second location on the Upper East Side, with a third location making its way to Brooklyn Heights this spring.

Another tea house, McNulty’s in the West Village, offers more cost-effective options for students. Serving quality beverages since 1895, McNulty’s is another trendy tea and coffeehouse that many New Yorkers love to explore. English Breakfast, Golden Darjeeling, and Jasmine Extra Fancy are just a few of the shop’s best selling products. When looking for a place to unwind, relax, or study, McNulty’s provides a peaceful atmosphere and along with a cup of tea to get the job done.

For a more convenient and close option, ViVi Tea provides countertop service and is known for their bubble tea. Located in Chinatown just a few streets away from 1 Pace Plaza, ViVi Tea offers both hot and cold variations of bubble teas, along with a small snack menu. Their bright and fun atmosphere is perfect for those who prefer to drink tea on the go.

When looking to make a quality cup of tea at home, T2 is a great place to visit. The company is based in Australia with various locations throughout New York City. T2 sells both bags of individual tea as well as teaware. While checking out their products, many samples teas are available for tasting . There is a T2 location close to the University,  located on Dey Street near the World Trade Center. There is also a location on 67 Prince Street in SoHo.

To power through finals, late nights, sickness, and fatigue, University students can count on tea to relax them, while simultaneously providing healthy amounts of energy. Whether it is made in the dorm or purchased from a small café, reaching for a cup of tea is a helpful companion during the end of the school year.