University implements railing at One Pace Plaza for visually-disabled pedestrians


Brianna Adkins

When the University’s New York City campus renovations concluded earlier this year, the ledge protruding from One Pace Plaza became a worry for visually-disabled pedestrians. Earlier this summer, the University implemented a railing underneath the ledge to protect individuals with disabilities. The railing is an ADA compliant integration to make sure that the renovation of the main building is complete and inclusive for non-able bodied individuals within the University community.

The Department of Justice created the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 2010 to create Standards for Accessible Design for all disabled persons. The ADA declares that “ADA standards apply to commercial and public entities that have ‘places of public accommodation.’” Since One Pace Plaza accommodates the public that is the University community, it was clear that integrating this railing below the façade was necessary.

University alum and former student body president Joseph Colella (@JosephVColella) took to Twitter on August 5 to discuss the new railing. “Shoutout to the alma mater @Pace University for installing this rail below the façade! Should help people who are visually impaired avoid injuries while walking near the edge! [sic]”

The University has been criticized in the past for the elevator congestion in all buildings that make it difficult for non-able bodied students to get to class on time. Hopefully, the new railing means a step in the right direction for accessibility at the University.