“Friends” turns 25



Lex Arroyo

It was a typical Thursday night 25 years ago that changed the world completely. In September, 1994, viewers were unexpectedly blessed with one of the greatest sitcoms of all time: “Friends”.

As the show expanded across an entire 10 seasons, every single viewer felt like an unofficial seventh member of the group. People became apart of every story, relationship, heartbreak, and towards the end- family in the series. Whether it’s from Ross and Rachel’s bumpy relationship, Monica and Chandler’s secret love, Phoebe’s eclectic music career, or Joey’s wacky acting skills as Drake Ramoray, we were still able to find ways that we can personally connect with the show and with the cast. 

“Friends” was a show that everyone loved someway, somehow and we were all able to gain a sense of wholeness from every episode. Even now, 25 years later, it’s touching the lives of many and living on in the new generation. It’s become a connection between people and gives them a chance to interact with each other over their love for this show. 

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They’ve been there for you for 25 years. Here’s to 25 more. #FRIENDS25

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The series is recognizable as soon as you hear the opening riffs to the theme song, finding yourself asking: was life always gonna be this way? The show brought together millions of people across the globe and has provided an exterior feeling of love and passion for its fans. I mean, could you imagine a life without “Friends”? It seems pretty difficult to even grasp the subject because this show has given us an opportunity to see how the life we’ve always envisioned really is. 

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the landmark television series, there is an exhibit dedicated to New York City’s resident sitcom, cleverly named “The One With the Pop-Up.” The pop-up holds over 50 props used in filming. The exhibit sold out within 24 hours of opening—all walks of people have come out to take photos with the iconic orange couches and a replica of Central Perk. The pop-up will be around until Oct. 6, a short stay that New Yorkers are certainly trying to get the most out of. 

Not only did this show integrate an interest between people, it has inspired dozens to travel to New York City and extend their adoration for the show. Of course the city is widely known for the history it holds but from a more pop-culture aspect, it holds a very special place in the hearts of avid watchers. People travel from all over the world to recreate the infamous coffee drinking on the Central Perk couch or to just simply visit the high rise apartment building seen in the single shots throughout the show. 

We all have a way to associate ourselves with the show and involve our insight on how the world is today. Even in the middle of all this madness, some of us are able to just isolate ourselves and divulge in the greatness of this show. We’re able to forget about all the chaos or stress we’re under and just simply enjoy watching a few episodes with some friends of our own. Either way, we’re all still able to freely express ourselves with the love we have for this show or the characters we’ve manipulated in our own lives. “Friends” has always been here and they’ll be there for you too.