“TURN OFF THE LIGHT” this October

@kimpetras / Instagram

@kimpetras / Instagram

Grace Potter

Since the recent release of her first full album “Clarity,” pop artist Kim Petras has been taking the music world by storm. She blew up last October after releasing a short Halloween-themed album titled “TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL.1.” With a few instrumental transition songs, Petras put what are now creepy favorites on the album, such as “Turn Off The Light,” “Close Your Eyes,” “Tell Me It’s A Nightmare,” and “In The Next Life.”

Recently, right in the middle of her tour, Petras announced a second volume, released Oct. 1, filled with more ghostly and glamorous music just in time for the Halloween season. Fans heard only a few snippets of songs from Petras’ Instagram, making most of the album a total surprise. Petras also posted her classic bloody album art each day to get fans excited as she counted down to the first.

Originally, fans were under the impression that Petras would be writing an entirely separate part two of TOTL, but she dropped another surprise: she would be adding onto the original album and making one giant masterpiece of creepy pop music. With the classic album cover showing a creepy hand with bright pink nails, the new mega-album features bright green nails for added creepy effects.

After the album finally dropped, Petras fans went crazy. The new songs were placed before the older ones on the tracklisting, and the new era led into the old one smoothly. Fellow Petras fan and University sophomore Eddie Warner said, “I think this album is an incredible collection of songs that all pull material from the more sinister side of life. The actual music incredibly syncs with her lyrics to create something beautiful, yet dark, which is perfect for spooky season! My favorites are ‘Death by Sex’ and ‘In The Next Life.’”

Petras is great at drawing members of the LGBTQ+ community to her music (particularly TOTL) through a mix of camp, sex, and pure glamor. In between each song, similar to her first album, are short instrumental tracks to make it a cohesive story. University sophomore Christopher Cerra said, “I think this album shows off her versatility in producing the instrumentals as well as her countless bops. I also commend her for being one of the first pop females to be brave enough to release Halloween music!”

As sung by the pop princess herself, “If you’re looking for a fright…” go listen to this chillingly electric album this October to get into the mood. Can I get a “woo-ah!” for this Halloween?