American Horror Story goes old school with “1984”


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Alex Barge

Halloween is just around the corner, which means “American Horror Story” fans are in for another season of gore, plot twists, and an array of new characters to bring the theme “1984” to life. We’ve seen the show take on an asylum, a circus, a hotel, and even a haunted house, but we’ve never come quite this close to a slasher series.

“1984” takes place at a summer campsite, paying homage to the classic film “Friday the 13th” (1980), and of course other knife-wielding slasher flicks such as “Psycho” (1960), “Halloween” (1978), and “Scream” (1996) to name a few.

Though only a couple episodes have aired so far, viewers have already been introduced to some interesting characters, such as the classic sweet girl character,  Brooke (Emma Roberts). We are shown her past of escaping death and are quickly introduced to the idea that she is not quite what she seems. Some other characters introduced so far are- the jock stereotype, Chet, played by Olympic skier Gus Kentworthy, the rebel, Montana (Billie Lourd), the head of the group, Xavior (Cody Fern), and the lovable friend Ray (DeRon Horton). Matthew Morrison (“Glee”), Leslie Grossman (AHS alum), and Angelica Ross (“Pose”) round out the cast as the only adult workers at the camp. What is interesting about all of the cliché horror movie roles is Ryan Murphy’s special twist on each of them, for what viewers have already found out in the first few episodes is that everyone has a secret. As viewers follow the rag-tag group of teens to Camp Redwood, we can only assume everyone will eventually show their dark side.

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There can’t be a slasher series without a slasher, Mr. Jingles (John Caroll Lynch), who is introduced even before the familiar creepy theme song plays in the first episode of the season, is the AHS version of a classic murderer. Mr. Jingles takes pride in killing people in masses, taking a souvenir from each kill: the victim’s ear. He uses these to put together a necklace to wear almost as if the remains are medals. He manages to escape a mental hospital, in a Michael Meyers-esque manner, and makes his way straight to Camp Redwood—the place he murdered 10 people 14 years prior.

To make things even more unsettling, Murphy introduces Richard Ramirez (Zach Villa), a real-life murderer who was convicted of 13 counts of murder in 1989. He goes by the “Night Stalker,” as he so famously calls himself while he threatens Brooke in the first episode as he tries breaking into her Los Angeles apartment, prompting her to get away at Camp Redwood for her safety.

“1984” is definitely going to be full of horror movie and ‘80s easter eggs. It’s hard to forget that most of the infamous cast from the first season of “American Horror Story” won’t be in this season, or possibly any in the future.

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University student, Clarissa McElroy, she said, “I like the new season. It’s great! I love how Ryan Murphy makes the show seem as if the viewer is back in 1984 in terms of the shots and angles, but it’s a little upsetting to not see iconic familiar faces of Evan Peters or Sarah Paulson.” It’s safe to say that not having both of these iconic actors in the show will definitely create a different dynamic, but fans of “AHS” have high hopes for this season since it’s paying homage to movies we love.