Six must-have foods for the 2019 fall season

Brooke Salamone

With an abundance of events ranging from pumpkin picking to haunted hayrides, the season of fall has officially arrived. Fall festivities often seem to outshine all the rest, but the season is equally known for its variety of dishes and ingredients. As the colors on the trees begin to change, so may the ingredients in the kitchen and the selections displayed on grocery store shelves.

The Pace Press pulled together a list of six must-have foods for this fall season and where University students can find them in the local area.

1. Butternut Squash Soup

With the crisp change in weather and the cool breeze, soup becomes a must-have on the list of fall necessities. Shifting away from the usual chicken noodle, the well-known butternut squash soup may be worth a try this season. As squash is a key fruit of fall, it is no wonder why butternut squash soup always makes an appearance this time of year.

When searching for a place in the local area, look no further than Hale and Hearty Soups on Fulton Street. This location has a butternut squash option that is made fresh daily. This product can also be found in most grocery stores across the country. The soup will be sure to warm University students up when the temperature drops.

Breville USA
Breville USA

2. Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Toasted pumpkin seeds are a fun snack to make at home this fall. Whether University students are craving a healthy snack to bring to class or looking to switch out their normal picks, these are easy to store and take along with them throughout the day.

For University students, 55 Fulton Market located around the corner from One Pace Plaza has a variety of choices and styles to pick from.

3. Apple Cider Donuts

For a sweeter option, University students may want to give apple cider donuts a try this fall. While donuts are enjoyed year-round, take advantage of these apple treats that only come out this time of year.

For University students searching for a trendy donut spot in the city, check out Doughnuttery located in Chelsea Market and Columbus Circle. They provide an array of options for different seasonal donuts, including their popular apple cider flavor. Apple cider donuts are also available in local grocery stores such as Trader Joe’s.

4. Pumpkin Spice Krispie Treats

Pumpkin spice krispie treats are a great pick for University students looking to prepare a fall sweet treat. This could be made with friends at home or in the residence halls. It is easy to make and festive for the season.

University students can pick up all the ingredients from a local food store. All that is needed to make this recipe is pumpkin pie spice, Rice Krispie Treats, butter, cinnamon and marshmallows. For further details, follow the recipe on

5. Warmed Cinnamon Apples

Another easy option to make in the comfort of your residence hall or home is warmed cinnamon apples (perhaps with a scoop of ice cream). All that is needed are some apples, cinnamon and ice cream.

“This is one of my favorite fall foods,” University senior Amanda Velazquez said. “It’s quick to prepare and even better to enjoy.” After apple picking with friends, this could be the finished dessert product. Otherwise, all ingredients are available at local grocery stores such as 55 Fulton Market, Trader Joe’s and Target.

6. Pie

Last, but not least, pie remains a go-to staple of the season. Whether University students prefer apple, pumpkin, pecan, cinnamon or more, there may be a pie for everyone. Either stop by the local farmers market, grocery store or bakery to find a seasonal pie for fall. University students who enjoy baking can even try their hand at making their own pie.

For University students looking to stay close to FiDi, check out Petee’s Pie Company located in the Lower East Side. There are plenty of fall-themed pies that may be worth giving a try.

To make midterms more bearable, University students are encouraged to enjoy these fall treats. All the above options may even pair well with a hot pumpkin spice latte. University students should take advantage of all the sweet options nearby.