#IStayHomeFor hashtag sweeps social media in light of COVID-19


Brooke Salamone

Social media is a universal language, a place where users all become in-groupers and band together to communicate. When delving into the waters of these platforms, each individual is able to share their thoughts on the world at any given moment in time, positive or negative.

Today, in light of the current global pandemic triggered by COVID-19, social media has become more important than ever. It is the one place where each individual’s voice and story can be carried across the globe. The comfort of our own homes is the new place of unique storytelling during these early months of 2020. The new normal is that social media and technology are both temporarily replacing all in-person communication in the time of social distancing.

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When hearing the word “pandemic,” it is easy to feel confused, scared, sad or angry. In fact, these emotions may seemingly be the first feelings to arise. Instead, social media users and citizens across the globe during this time have shown quite different attitudes and have taken a different route of thought. In a time where people may feel disconnected from fellow citizens and civilization, the trending hashtag #IStayHomeFor reminds us of the beauty of staying connected while being apart, as well as spreading positivity.

The hashtag began with social media users in the world’s hardest-hit country, Italy. Many of the country’s biggest celebrities have even taken part, including pop singer Tiziano Ferro who has dedicated his posts to the hashtag, #IoRestoACasa, translated to “I stay at home” in English. Each of his recent Twitter posts include different individuals all sharing the same message with the same hashtag.

The hashtag rapidly caught on in various countries across the globe. Depending on the location of the user, the language of the hashtag may be different, but its message is universal: I stay at home for the greater good of everyone. A rather uplifting message of community, strength and selflessness in a time of global need.

University students are following the trend. Below, three University students share their thoughts and who they are staying home for during this time.

“#IStayHome for all of those immunocompromised. I know that people can contract the disease and not be showing symptoms- putting others at risk. We are a part of a global partnership for protection,” shares University sophomore Marisa Medici.

“IStayHome for myself and my grandma. I am choosing to stay home and not risk the potential of affecting my own health, as I am immune-immuno-compromised. I am also staying home for my 90-year-old grandma who is also immuno-compromised and would not recover if afflicted with the virus,” shares University junior Kacey Riordan from the comfort of her home in New York.

Photo credit: Kacey Riordan

“#IStayHome for the health of my friends, family and for all of the healthcare workers risking their lives to protect us,” shares University junior Richard Passafiume from the comfort of his home in New Jersey.

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Richard Passafiume
Photo credit: Richard Passafiume

From celebrities to everyday social media users, to our fellow students here at the University, it is important to remember the central theme of the #IStayHomeFor trend: during this pandemic, it is important to stay apart from each other physically but to unite emotionally for the common good. The University community is strong, will fight together during these times and always have each other’s backs. 

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