Cancer season horoscopes


As we head into Leo season, let’s look back at some of the lessons we needed to learn to make it through Cancer season. Here are some things to keep in mind as Cancer season comes to a close!


Why are you so worked up, boo? Take all of that pent-up Aries rage and channel it into something creative! Give yourself permission to get in touch with your softer, more vulnerable side. Collaborate with a Libra to help you through those ultra overwhelming emotions!



Lucky for you, Taurus, this Cancer season is all about comfort. Pamper yourself, dahling! Feeling exhausted from the constant emotional sensitivity that comes with every Water sign season? Ground your energy by taking yourself out for a spa day and a shopping spree.



Geminis, I know you’re still riding the chaotic high of your season, but now it’s time to take it down a few notches. Take a moment to sit with yourself and realize that it’s perfectly valid to feel all the feelings.



It’s your time to shine, Cancer queens!! You’re constantly busy taking care of everyone else, so now it’s time to let someone else take care of YOU! Take the weight off your shoulders and allow yourself to thrive, honey!



Leos, I know y’all have a personal vendetta against Cancer season because emotional vulnerability can sometimes magnify our insecurities and inhibitions…but don’t fret!! You’re still the royalty of the zodiac so long as you take some time to remind yourself of your inner boss babe.



Virgos, I know that you’re super busy embracing all of your Type A tendencies, but this Cancer season, I want you to try and tap into your inner child! Free yourself from your mind and understand that it’s okay to take a pause from trying to conquer the world all the time.



Your bubbly and diplomatic approach to life will serve you well during the month of the crab!  If you get the chance, pair up with an Aries this Cancer season because, trust me..they’re going to need your energy to make it through.



Scorpios, drop the brooding stare and the metaphorical leather jacket. We all know you’re extra mushy and gushy deep down inside, and this month…it’s perfectly okay to let the facade go and to let the tears flow.



As the self-proclaimed wanderlust-ing, can’t-be-tied-down, hippie love child of the zodiac, it is important, now, more than ever, to keep that devil-may-care attitude in check. Your fellow zodiac signs feel very vulnerable this month so keep that in mind when going about your usual heartbreaker antics.



Just like Virgo, you are constantly on grind time! There’s never a moment when you aren’t working to level up, but remember that sometimes it’s healthy to sit back and enjoy the fruit of your labors, and there’s no better time to do that than Cancer season!



Aquarians,  I know that when emotions are involved, y’all instantly feel the need to turn them off like Paul Wesley in Season 1 of Vampire Diaries, but I need you to listen to me very closely…feelings do not equate to danger! It’s time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, Air babies.



Pisces, you thrive on emotion. While most signs flinch at the thought of Cancer season, you welcome it with open arms! However, for someone as empathetic as you, it can be easy to get lost in the feelings of those around you, so be sure to set firm boundaries and know how to take care of yourself.