Broadway Vision project to begin renovations

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Lyndsey Brown, Treasurer

Starting this month, New York City will begin efforts to make a seven-block stretch of Broadway car-free. This movement is part of the Broadway Vision project, and is funded via Mayor Eric Adams’ $375 million budget for new public spaces throughout the city. The renovations are projected to be complete by this summer.

Two new pedestrian plazas will be created, along with shared streets and new bike lanes to make the street safer for pedestrians. Between 25th and 27th St., cars will be completely banned on Broadway, allowing for outdoor dining to begin in these plazas as part of a partnership with Flatiron NoMad.

From 27th to 32nd St., Broadway will be made a shared street in order to discourage vehicles without an outright ban. New Citi Bike docks will also be added to the street to support this movement. With the shared street design, local vehicles will still have access for deliveries, pickups and drop-offs, while still promoting a safer environment for pedestrians.

NYC Department of Transportation commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez stated that the Department of Transportation (DOT) “is creating a people-first Broadway.”

The announcement of such construction followed the crash of a taxi cab on Broadway near 29th St. on June 20, 2022. Three people were in critical condition as a result of the taxi driving over the curb and into a café trapping two female tourists underneath. A group of passersby lifted the 4,200-pound vehicle off of the victims, but three others were hurt in the crash. Mayor Adams released his plans for revising Broadway only three days later, starting with the section of the street between Union Square and Columbus Circle.

“We should not have to accept, and I will not accept, a reality where New Yorkers die from traffic violence,” Mayor Adams stated. 

The DOT has decided to work quickly toward creating a pedestrian prioritized space and met earlier than scheduled to address the issue. Mayor Adams and the DOT also believe that this renovation will be a great way for Midtown and our city to bounce back from the economic tolls they took during the pandemic.

Despite the efforts for safety, some believe that this will only cause more traffic on surrounding streets and won’t solve this issue. However, Deputy Mayor for Operations Meera Joshi commented, “Broadway Vision is one of the most significant public space transformations in the heart of Manhattan. It will improve quality of life and traffic safety while boosting foot traffic, which is key to our city’s economic recovery.”