Springtime picnics: April Press-Playlist

Sarah Bergin, Arts Editor

The weather is getting warmer, creating more opportunities to go outside and get some fresh air. April showers bring May flowers, but April’s sunshine also brings an opportunity for picnicking.

Whether you are munching on a charcuterie board in Battery Park or playing frisbee in The Ramble, a playlist can always come in handy. Feel free to press play on this month’s Press-Playlist while lounging in the sun with your friends.

Charlotte Dos Santos – “Hello Hello”

Charlotte Dos Santos is known for merging genres and exploring the bounds of music, creating a unique sound that only she can capture. Her unmistakable soul-filled vocals shine through in “Hello Hello,” mixing a catchy beat with her individualized, rich tone. This track is off of her 2022 album “Morfo,” the second record in her discography. This is a perfect song for the warm weather, starting off the Press-Playlist on a high note.

Spaceport – “Submarine”

With around 400 monthly listeners on Spotify, Spaceport is the next band that you can claim to know “before it was cool.” Calming instrumentals mixed with light inflection on “Submarine” create a tone that is reminiscent of the slight breeze in the air on a Spring day. An ideal day consists of lying on the grass, eating tiny sandwiches and listening to Spaceport. Trust me and try it for yourself–you won’t regret it.

Glüme & of Montreal – “Wedding Cake Shop”

“Wedding Cake Shop” is ethereal in its composition, having multiple layers to its content without making the listener overwhelmed. Its pop-infused rhythm is captivating, which is sure to appeal to every one of your friends. In an interview with Atwood Magazine, lead artist Glüme spoke on her experiences with making music: “I’ve been able to express myself in a way that I haven’t known how to in my life… it was an outlet for me to say what I was actually thinking and feeling.” Glüme’s most recent release, “Main Character,” is her second album to date.

Bowerbirds – “In Our Talons”

Bowerbirds is not a newcomer to the scene, as they have been making music since the mid-2000s. They have since sculpted their tone through the lens of freak folk. “In Our Talons” is off of Bowerbirds’ debut album, “Hymns for a Dark Horse.” Although this is one of their earlier songs, it still remains iconic in their discography due to the melodic repetition and haunting patience at the end of the track. Bowerbirds incorporate the traditional folk while making their own distinct sound.

Men I Trust – “Seven”

Men I Trust has risen in popularity over the last few years due to its soft indie pop style. The Canadian group has performed at festivals around the United States, including Coachella. “Seven” puts listeners into a trance with a sound-defining single, encapsulating an essence that can be heard in their other pieces. In early August, Men I Trust will be playing Lollapalooza 2023 following the leg of their tour in Europe.

niceboy ed – “Moonlight”

It is likely that you have already heard the discourse about the mysterious newcomer to the industry, niceboy ed. Fans of Taylor Swift have expressed their speculations on Twitter revolving around the bewildering “Easter eggs” that niceboy ed has been releasing on social media. Regardless of whether niceboy ed is connected to Swift or not, their newest single “Moonlight” earns a rightful spot on this playlist. This song is sure to be stuck in your head all day after listening, making it a contender for your Spring 2023 anthem.

Strawberry Guy – “Sun Outside My Window”

As the titular track from Strawberry Guy’s debut album, “Sun Outside My Window” provides a dream-like escape for listeners. The mystical keys compliment the crisp percussion, creating an immersive listening experience. “Sun Outside My Window” trails off with a soothing saxophone lead, bringing it to a close. Alex Stephens is the man behind the act, with his music coming from a seemingly genuine, heartfelt place.

Oropendola – “Flowers on My Front Stoop”

What would Spring be without flowers? April’s Press-Playlist ends on the Brooklyn artist Oropendola. The mind behind the alias, Joanna Schubert, came out with her first LP in March 2023. She has an abundant history in music, actively working in the field and collaborating with other artists when not making her own music. If you are interested in discovering more about this NYC artist, Oropendola will be performing in Brooklyn on June 1 at Our Wicked Lady.