“Cuffing Season” begins frantic search for new mates

The return of the “Hey stranger” text messages and out of the blue phone calls from a former fling all mark the beginning of Cuffing Season. For unsuspecting victims, Cuffing Season is a time during winter months when single men and women search for someone to keep them warm at night.

Once March rolls around, prepare for all those movie nights and cuddle sessions to come to a startling halt and the long nights out at the clubs and Hamptons parties to recommence. But first one must survive the winter. In order to complete Cuffing Season successfully, one must choose the right person to “cuff.”

The perfect candidate for this role can be a recent hookup or someone that always flirts with you in class, but should never be a co-worker or ex-boyfriend. Respecting each other’s boundaries is crucial for these wintertime relationships to work correctly. It’s best to maintain zero expectations and remember that the relationship won’t develop into anything long term.  As long as both “cuffers” agree to the terms of the relationship, drama will be avoided in most cases.

Boundaries are another element that needs to be established and respected. This means no password sharing on social media accounts, text message inbox creeping, and most importantly catching feelings. Emotions are always tricky, but they can go haywire during Cuffing Season if not handled properly. A key thing to remember once you find yourself “cuffed,” is that the relationship is only temporary. Titles such as boyfriend and girlfriend do not exist.

After a cuff is chosen and boundaries are understood, the only thing left to do is have fun. Now it’s time to enjoy all the hours of cuddling, ordering takeout food, and late night meet ups that Cuffing Season has to offer. If the fling isn’t fun then it’s best to end it and find another potential cuff on the single market.

One last thing: A successful “cuffer” must also be able to end the relationship once springtime hits. The best approach is cutting things off by becoming busy or tired from an endless list of duties and responsibilities. A simple “Hey, sorry I’ve been very busy at school lately, let you know when I’m free again,” will do. Of course, be polite and forward when offering excuses. After all, this was the person that answered your drunken text messages and spooned with you—respect should be given. End communication on a good note and leave room for a random hook up or two in the future.

Relationships are winter sports. Now go out and find that special someone before they end up cuffed by somebody else.