New York Comic-Con Recap

Ashely Spencer

Comic Con is the jam-packed weekend when super heroes, zombies and every other pop culture icon imaginable collide for a glorious convention in New York.

Annually, NYCC comes to the Jacob K. Javitis Convention Center and every year the convention sees thousands of people enter its glass structure. As expected, fans came out in their usual costumed grab, paying homage to their favorite characters from video games, cartoons, movies, TV shows and more. But NYCC is not just for the cosplaying fan. There are a slue of panels, celebrity signings and sneak previews of the trends in media.

Following the theme of last year, NYCC was fully decked out in Walking Dead deco. Everything from the badges to the signage gave way to the Walking Dead theme. Additionally, the majority of the cast was there for a special panel celebrating the start of season 4. There were even some Game of Thrones spoilers, thanks to Jerome Flynn, better known as Bronn. Fans can look forward to a season full of surprises, because it is going to have some interesting deviations from the book. Actors from True Blood, Tourchwood, The Office, Kick Ass and even the X-Files made appearances at NYCC13. Not to mention the casual and Whoopie Goldberg sightings.

A special competition this year at NYCC was brought to fans by Secret walls and Kidrobot. Secret walls is live action art competition similar to Fight Club except that it is only spread through word of mouth and social media. The two came together for a 90 minute black and white drawing competition. This year, L’amour Supreme and MAD went head to head, with L’amour taking the win in the end. Both artists, however, created an original masterpiece.