Music Rights Management Heavyweight BMI Promotes Artists’ Success After CMJ


Band Royal Teeth performing at BMI showcase at The Knitting Room in NYC Photo credit: BMI

Shannon McMahon

Recently, artists, fans, and industry insiders made their way across New York City for the annual fall CMJ Music Marathon. The festival is among the most important showcases for allowing discovery of new musicians. Performing rights organization Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) celebrated the CMJ Music Festival with a high-energy showcase at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. BMI’s lineup included a multitude of electric pop bands, including Cardiknox, Royal Teeth, Panama Wedding, Joywave, Coin and the Saint Johns. Though the music rights group provided a number of showcases across the city during CMJ, this was certainly one of the most memorable. In addition to the festival, BMI has been holding music panels, songwriting events, and numerous artist promoting showcases in several NYC boroughs, all organized from their New York headquarters in a vicinity not far from the University in downtown Manhattan.

The showcase at the Brooklyn Knitting Factory, a cozy ballroom with a certain element of edge formerly located in SOHO, offered concertgoers delicious food and music that was even better. The event began with a few technical difficulties, which were soon forgotten when Cardiknox got into their element on stage and offered powerful electric beats to get the concert started, as concert goers around the venue blended into the environment and danced, bobbing heads and giving smiles with drinks in hand.

While the lineup was nothing short of captivating energy from each band, Nashville originated band Royal Teeth singlehandedly stole the show when they played their hit, “Wild”, ending the night in a colorful confetti display, where the energy and excitement was impossible to escape. Music enthusiasts should most certainly consider following Cardiknox, Royal Teeth and Panama Wedding, who seemed to create the most energy amongst the audience at the event. The most popular hit of the night, based on audience response, was Panama Wedding’s “All of the People”. Since the event, aspiring college journalists and other audience members have taken an interest not only in the innovative rising bands, but BMI’s dedication to showcasing new talent regularly outside of CMJ. BMI performances and showcases in all different genres allow for new music to be highlighted constantly. BMI panels allow journalists and fans alike to learn more about different musical genres, including EDM, pop, and Latin American music, among many others.

Rising artists at the University have the good fortune to be very near to the music rights organization headquarters in lower Manhattan, and are encouraged to follow BMI should they want to learn more about how artists successfully publish music and are supported by the industry. Additionally, individuals should check the BMI website at for more information on panels and showcase events. Music fans have quite a bit to look forward to thanks to the dedication of BMI, and the organization’s genuine care for rising and established artists, and fostering musical growth in all genres and areas of the city.

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