Hillel club celebrates Sukkot

Coming right off the cusp of the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), Hillel hosted one of the first of their planned premiere events this past Thursday, October 4th. The event, billed as Sushi in Sukkah with Pace Hillel was a great evening of meeting new university students, understanding the historical significance of Sukkot, and sushi making that made for a delicious evening of networking and recognizing the cultural diversity of the university.

The event was filled with students of all walks of life and even a surprise visit from one of the university’s Professors; all in a Sukkah reminding everyone present of the biblically significant forty years the Jewish people spent wandering in the desert. Sukkot is a festive occasion and as such–laughs, stories, and good wishes were felt by all. One of the dominating aspects of the event was the sincerity of the community service that was asked by all attendees. All in attendance were asked to bring a non-perishable, canned good that Hillel will be donating to a local charity. If you would like to get involved in the myriad number of events that Hillel sponsors throughout the year please email [email protected]!