Spotlight: Communications major opens doors for students

Melissa Vargas

The amount of students opting to identify as a communications study major is becoming increasingly popular among the University’s students. This may very well be because the program is packed with a wide variety of classes ranging from mass media courses to persuasive speaking. Many students are realizing that a Bachelor of Arts in communications studies can open the doors to different opportunities in several industries. With a communications degree, students have the option of various different internships and jobs as well, including publications, radio, television, and public relations. Many students with a concentration in communications studies have interned for companies such as Viacom, ABC, NBC, CBS, Alison Brod Pr, Seventeen, Latina, and Vogue

Senior Stephanie Araujo stated, “In these last four years the I have been in the program, I have seen the department go through schedule changes, new hires, and struggle with classroom placements because the communications program is the second largest growing major in the University. But despite these hardships, the faculty has shown that their best interest is in the student’s education, making the department one of the best.” The Pace Press was able to interview the head of the communication studies department, Dr. Kolluri Satish, who shared his opinions and insiders on the program.

The Pace Press: What makes the University’s communication studies major unique?
Dr. Kolluri: I think that ours is a department that has an amazing array of courses, from human communications courses to mass media, and courses they engage in critical thinking and it is also unique because it is in New York City, and it is also a magnet for a lot of students to come to New York. We have more than 400 students and we have a diverse faculty with diverse interest from girls studies to Hong Kong Cinema to propaganda. So we have an amazing spectrum of curses being offered by a diverse group of faculty members, and an amazing diverse group of students

TPP: Which courses do students seem to be more interested in and which classes do students enjoy the most?
Dr. K: All the classes fill up right away when registration opens. A lot of students are interested in media and gender, political communications, there is a course on Stephen Colbert that I am teaching now, digital courses. But all of the courses, even the electives fill up. Kudos to our students, they have a very diverse range of interest. They really experiment with the range of courses.

TPP: Is there anything that the department is going to do to accommodate the growing population of communications students?
Dr. K: We have hired to new professors, who are bringing their own expertise and courses into the department. Also the big courses of 100 and over have been broken down to two sections of 50, and hopefully we will get more professors in the future. Right now with we with six full time plus the adjuncts I think we are doing more than an adequate job.

TPP: What do you think is the best thing about this particular major?
Dr. K: Location, location, location. That is definitely one, an incredible body of students who are highly motivated, and an amazing cohort of faculty. For me specifically at the end of the day it is New York City. Every time I walk into the classroom is like a microcosm of New York City, it is like a mini United Nations. The students are from all over the world, with different backgrounds, race, class, and sexual orientation. For me it is the buzz you get coming into the city and into the classroom. Half of the degree is just interacting with the people of New York City. When I first came to the University in 2009, we had about 90 majors and now we have about 400-450. The department has grown tremendously and it is also with the help of the location.