This seasons’ fashion trends are heating up New York streets

With the changing of each season comes the latest in fashion trends. With 2013 approaching, new styles and crazes are emerging in the fashion world.

Instead of the traditional—double-breasted brass buttons and structural shoulders, opt for the more casual army jacket; it’s more relaxed with less embellishments and retains that militant look.

As the weather gets colder, look to purchase an oversized jacket that hangs away from the body. Take hints from the fall collections of Chloe and Balenciaga. While a cinched waist is always flattering, opt for a more liberating jacket this fall. With midterms and eventually finals coming up, it’s best to be as comfortable as possible, but now you can do it in style.

Keeping your outerwear simple and loose, try to spice up what’s underneath. From the runways of Dries Can Noten and Balmain, embellishments and brocades are decorating fall fashion. Think about that baroque period you learned about in Art History and apply it to your next Friday night attire.

Don’t worry about matching this season, as it does not apply to this season’s fashions. Wear one pattern from head to toe. Miu Miu and Prada aren’t afraid to do it. While wearing one pattern or fabric may seem overwhelming, it can slim your silhouette and provide a clean and sophisticated look. For something a little more casual, try wearing jean on top and on bottom, but make sure they are different hues.

“Goth” is back, but this time it is trending in the form of leather and plastic. As seen in the collections of Jil Sander and Fendi, waxy treated dresses give a cute heart-neckline dress or a zip-front frock.

Graphic prints are everywhere. Both Tory Burch and Alexander Wang are featuring high-intensity patterns in an array of pieces. This trend looks great on sheath dresses you can wear whether it’s day or night.

Pantsuits are a fabulous take on formal wear. They can easily translate from interview chic to trendy night life. Take clues from Chanel and Emilio Pucci when deciding what to wear for your business attire. Color blocking is simple and chic and can be complimented with a few bold accessories.

Gucci, Kenzo, Armani, and L’Wren have all featured luxurious velvets in their fall collections. They are great additions to any wardrobe. From jackets, to suits, to dresses, velvet is must-have this season. Spice up your wardrobe this fall with this smooth-textured fabric in deep colors like plum, maroon, and brandy.

As we turn to fashion magazines and blogs to see what high-fashion designers are determining as in-style, stores like H&M, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Gap and TopShop have the latest trends for affordable prices. Their versions of the latest in fashion will keep your staple pieces fun and fabulous all season long.