Don’t Stop Believin’ that Rock of Ages is the nostalgic show Audiences have been waiting for!

Rock of Ages Cast

Rock of Ages Cast

Michael Williams

“Rock of Ages” is a rock musical that features the rock hits from the 1980s. From “I Wanna Rock” to “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” to “Don’t Stop Believin’,”the musical showcases the era where rock music peaked. “Rock of Ages” is now playing at the Helen Hayes Theatre. The show is funny, sexy and audience-engaging.

The show starts when the audience walks into the theatre. The stage is set as The Bourbon Room with 80s rock hits blaring, Twisted Sister flyers posted on every wall, fog filling the room and waiters taking the customers’ shouted orders for cocktails. If it weren’t for the playbills, people may have thought they were actually in The Bourbon Room.

The stage itself is a simple structure so that the settings can be easily changed, yet it does not lack in detail. The Bourbon Room bar is the main setting, but the vintage guitars line up on the stage, bras and panties decorate the walls, the neon signs brighten the room and the live musicians bring it all together.  

Aaron C. Finley leads the talented cast as “Wolfgang Von Colt,” or Drew. Finley’s powerhouse voice fills the entire theatre with his belting and chilling rock n’ roll screams. Drew’s romantic interest is Sherrie, played by Carrie St. Louis. Louis originated the role of Sherrie in Las Vegas and proved it the moment she hit the stage. Her performance was well-acted, but her voice was meant for the rock-era. Finley and Louis had the vocals to fill the Broadway stage.

Other notable cast members include Joey Calveri as Stacee Jaxx, Genson Blimline as Lonny and Adam Dannheisser as Dennis. Blimline and Dannheisser have great chemistry on stage together and demand the audiences’ laughter, especially in their comical and heartfelt “Can’t Fight this Feeling” duet.

“Rock of Ages” is a satire of a typical musical plot, bringing a lighthearted experience to the audience. The narrator, Lonny, breaks the fourth wall and invites the audience to be a part of the show. At one point, the narrator takes Drew aside and hands him a physical playbill to tell him he is currently starring in the musical “Rock of Ages,” which eventually allows him to change his character’s fate.

Unlike other Broadway musicals, the audience interaction for “Rock of Ages” is part of its appeal.  The front is the place to be. The characters protested by throwing flyers, the band finished Act 1 by tossing guitar picks to the crowd, and to top it off there was the occasional flung panty – something for everyone!

Don’t Stop Believin’ that “Rock of Ages” is the nostalgic show that audiences have been waiting for. Be sure to reminiscence about the rock-era with the funny, sexy and audience-engaging “Rock of Ages.”

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