New Sugartooth Tour will help you stay cool, love life


(Sugartooth Tours)

Courtney Johnson

Anyone who has spent even one summer and early fall in New York City has had to experience the horrid heat and humidity that blankets this city every year. While many flock to community pools, movie theaters, the A/C units of their homes or even other states to avoid this recurring cycle of intolerable heat, many others strive to enjoy New York City’s beautiful outdoors scenery, buildings and life.

Seemingly in honor of the staunch New Yorker, Sugartooth Tours provides a solution. Beginning every Sunday in June, Sugartooth Tours will debut their “Ice Cream Summer Sundays Frozen Treats Tour.” This tour will not only keep you cool during the hottest summer and fall months, but will also introduce ice-cream patrons in the concrete jungle to unique and diverse flavors of ice creams, ice-cream sandwiches, artisanal gelato, frozen yogurt and many other cool treats.

Tour-goers can expect at least six tastings of refreshing deserts while enjoying a tour of certain areas of New York City for all ages. Sugartooth Tours provides a more intimate experience, with a size limit per tour of about 16 people or fewer and one to two licensed tour guides.

The Summer Sundays tour launched for the first time last summer and was a huge success. But a main goal of Sugartooth Tours is to design events where customers can return for more than just one tour. Featuring different flavors at specific times and selecting different neighborhoods to host in will aid them in doing so.

“This keeps the experience fresh and evolving,” said Sarah Rolleston, co-owner of Sugartooth Tours. “Plus, with New York being so large, there are always hidden gems that we discover when researching for our tours.”

As for this year, some expected neighborhoods include Union Square, Little Italy and SoHo, with tickets starting at $50 per person.