Bridge City Hustle Rocks Brooklyn

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Ashley Spencer

On July 11, The Knitting Factory was alive with music as Brooklyn based band Bridge City Hustle took the stage. Comprised of lead singer and percussionist Johnny Burgos, bassist Pete O’Neil, drummer/keyboardist Dave Zerio, saxophonist Dan Cherouny, and guitarist John Bendy, (who only joins them in their live performances) the band has a unique sound that is a little bit of rock, a little bit of jazz, and a whole lotta soul. The band formed in 2012 and has since been recording their newly released E.P. “ Too Good For Me.””

Performing ten original songs and one cover of Jimi Hendrix’s hit “Fire,” the bands energy never wavered. Their songs available now on Soundcloud have an incredible range. From soft and slow to a funk jazz beat, Bridge City Hustle takes you on a soulful serenade. One concertgoer said, “I enjoyed the energy of the band, you could tell that everything they sang about meant something to them in some way.” Opening with their hit “Too Good For Me”, the crowd moved and sang along, really getting into the smooth jazz song. They went on to perform eight other songs, and premiered their new song “In Love This Way.”

“I came here tonight with my friends ‘cause we wanted to hear live music, I didn’t know who was performing but I really like the way they do jazz. It’s definitely not what I think of when I think of jazz, I like it!” said another concertgoer. Bridge City Hustle puts a modern spin on jazz music, covering Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home” and Michael Jackson’s “Another Parts of Me” on YouTube and giving it their unique spin. Bridge City Hustle’s sound can be compared to Gavin Degraw or Justin Timberlake but with instruments, like the saxophone lending that jazz edge.

The band’s passion for music is evident in their performance, through their raw vocals and the soulful manner in which they perform. The quality of the bands performance can be equated to their love and passion for music, seeing as they also enjoy careers in the technical side of the music industry. Respectively, the band members have produced beats, worked as sound engineers, and worked with famed artist such as Victor Wooten, James Brown, and the Allman Brothers.

Currently, The band is on tour promoting their E.P. and also in the studio working on their sophomore release. Next up for Bridge City Hustle is a performance in Massachusetts. On their Knitting Factor performance the band posted on their Facebook: “Last night was nothing short of amazing! We wanna thank KNITTING factory Brooklyn for having us at they’re [sic] awesome venue and of course everyone that came out and helped create the energy in that room last night. Moments like that are exactly why we Hustle… #soulmusic #forthepeople.”