“Arrested Development” promises you’re gonna get some walk ons

Attention all Bluth family fans, listen up, because the dreams of ascending the magical stairs of the famous Bluth stair car are that much closer to becoming a relaity. “Arrested Development” is going to release their highly anticipated fourth season on Netflix in 2013 and all kinds of excitment is ensuing beforehand. Before the season is finished filming, in addition to the rumored filming of a movie, the show’s creator, Mitchell Hurwitz, is giving six lucky fans a chance to “walk-on” to the set of the show.

As stated by the website youregonnagetsomewalkons. com, fans may enter for a much coveted spot on the fourth season by creating an original piece of “Arrested Development” a content. Entries can include videos that are less than two minutes, photos, artwork, essays and basically any other creative piece related to the series that fans can come up with.

Producers are looking for entries that are inventive, unique and relevant to the show. They are hoping to stir up more excitement for the walk-on by having contestants post their entries on Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter with the hashtag #BluthWalkOn.

The deadline to submit was October 16th at which point six fans will be selected by producers and cast members to win a trip to LA to visit the set of Arrested Development. Entries on the website so far include a variety of creative works: the Bluth model home made out of Legos, re-creations of the famous frozen banana stand, artistic paintings and sketches of characters such as Gangy, Gob, and Tobias. A few people have gone so far as to paint themselves blue, hoping to poke fun at Tobias’ character.

There are also fan created versions of the famous Franklin puppet, in addition to popular jokes from the show that have been tailored to mock the current 2012 presidential campaign, one of the favorites being a picture of Mitt Romney proposing cuts to PBS, next to a picture of a horrified Franklin puppet.

In order to further promote the contest and create hype for the new season, there has also been a video of Michael Cera on the famous stair car promoting the contest, or rather being tricked by a cameraman to promote a contest he didn’t have much of an idea about.

The video features dialogue between Cera and a cameraman who seems to be interfering on his nostalgic moment with the stair car. Cera is fooled into saying that he’s excited about walk-ons, the cameraman begins to run, and is followed by a confused Cera demanding answers. This is a typical promotion of the Arrested Development crew; after all, what would the show be without its hilariously awkward sense of humor.

The show, which began six years ago in November 2003, is going to be featuring many celebrity guest stars on their new season in addition to the full original cast. One character, however, has not yet been confirmed to return: Lucille 2. Played by Liza Minelli, producers have not yet released a confirmation of her return to the show.

Regardless, Pace students are ready for the return. Jackie Morales, Sophomore, says “I think it’s going to be brilliant. A lot of shows get boring and dried out after the first two seasons, but Arrested Development has been consistently entertaining. There’s no doubt their return is going to be spectacular, it may even attract some people who missed the first three seasons. I’ve seen some leaked pictures from their filming recently, and I can’t wait to see what they’re all about. Hopefully they’ll work in a call me ‘maeby’ joke.”

A fellow Nisha Chaudhari, Sophomore, is also highly anticipating the new season, “Arrested Development is a great show and I’m really looking forward to the new season. I think it will be cool to see all of the strange and hilarious things the characters have been up to over these past years. I’m excited that the cast has been able to come together again to make it happen.”

“Arrested Development” producer, Michael Hurwitz, is hoping to ignite passion in the show once more, and from the looks of it, people seem to be responding very well. Who knows, perhaps the series could return to a stable television network if this revival is successful.