New York’s Best Kept Secret Gets Bigger


Ashley Spencer

The fall in New York City is a beautiful time, marked by the changing of leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and cozy layers. But beyond the bustle of the City, if you listen closely you may hear the distinct sound of the bass, the melody of a new voice, and an excitement in the air that can only be felt through music.

Every autumn the College Media Journal host their iconic music marathon showcasing a mixture of emerging and newly discovered talent in a variety of genres. This event that has remained primarily “underground” brings together journalists, photographers, and students for a week of industry news, networking events, and, of course, music. And that is what makes CMJ Music Marathon an event like no other. It creates a platform for students at the collegiate level to be immersed in music and gain invaluable insight and knowledge from industry experts.

Recalling last year’s marathon, former Pace Press writer Marc Sagesse said, “The CMJ panels were the most valuable and interesting insights into the music industry I’ve ever gotten. I went to panels on music journalism and women in the music industry, and the speakers were so smart and credible.”

For those that have attend a CMJ event, whether it be a concert or a panel it can be agreed that what stands out most is how the community is utilized. All over Manhattan and even in Brooklyn, events are taking place in unique locations adding to the underground, raw feel of the marathon. And this year as CMJ finds a new home at the Dream Hotel downtown, it is safe to say that New York’s best kept secret is only getting bigger and better. For more on CMJ and accessing this year’s marathon visit their website and download the app for this year’s lineup and venue info. You might just discover your new favorite artist.