Biden turns down White House


Chase Ballas

After months of debate, Vice President has officially announced that he will not be seeking the Democratic candidacy for the 2016 presidential election. The announcement this afternoon a press release Monday that the Vice President was finalizing his decision and would announce it in 48 hours. The announcement was the final summation of months of speculation and general anxiety within the Democratic Party, which was predicted to support Biden as their candidate.

Biden’s decision came after struggling with personal and public affairs, notably with the death of his son Beau. There was also speculation that his support within the Democrats have dwindled following the first Democratic debate, which saw commanding performances by leading contenders Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. However, Biden has vowed to speak about the election, saying that he, “[intends] to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as much as I can, where we are going to go as a party and as a nation.”

Biden’s pull out of the race also cements Clinton and Sanders as the premier Democratic candidates. Clinton is currently leading the polls, however, she is still struggling with the Benghazi attack and the scandals involving the contents of her private emails, compromising her trustworthiness and transparency with the public. Clinton is scheduled to speak at the Benghazi trials about her actions, which will either cement her position as the leading Democratic figure, or lead to her political downfall, making way for Sanders to take her place in the polls.