Man charged with explosive denotation


Chase Ballas

A 61 year old man has been charged with setting off an explosive device inside a Walmart in North Gloser, Mississippi.  While no one was injured, the assailant, Marshall Leonard, was arrested Nov. 4.  This Wednesday, Nov. 4, he confessed to his crime and plead guilty, and is now facing the possibility of life in jail under Mississippi law.

His bomb was created by stuffing newspaper with fireworks.  Luckily, the device only partially detonated, which prevented many from being injured and damages.

The state of Mississippi has been in a heated debate over its state flag, with contains the imagery of the Confederate battle flag.  After the University of Mississippi ruled to take down the state flag, many are protesting against changing the flag.  Leonard is a known advocate for defending the Confederate flag, and has posts threats against Walmart after the store ruled to no longer support Confederate embroidered merchandise.  He posted a message on Oct. 28 on the Facebook page of the Daily Journal, saying, “Journal corporate, you are on final warning. You are part of the problem. As a result of this, y’all are going down, along with Walmart, WTVA, Reeds department store, and all the rest of the anti-American crooks. I’m not kidding. No messing around anymore!”  He also expressed his opposition to political correctness during coverage of his hearing.