Nick Jonas ditches his Disney days on new album


Amoreena Crispino

On Friday, June 10, Nick Jonas released his newest and most mature album, Last Year Was Complicated. This album is about his breakup with 2012 Miss USA winner Olivia Culpo, which is why last year was so complicated for Jonas. From being the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers to becoming one of the best solo artists in pop music, Nick Jonas has come a long way and is finally living his dreams.

Jonas was discovered in a barbershop at the age of six while his mother was getting a haircut. At age seven, he performed on Broadway in shows such as A Christmas Carol, Beauty and the Beast, and Les Mis. Jonas was very versatile and could act as well as sing and play a few different instruments.

In 2006 after getting a glimpse of fame, Jonas moved on to form a band with his older brothers, Kevin and Joe, called the Jonas Brothers. Over the years the band released four top-selling albums and became one of the most loved bands of the early 2000s. A couple years after the release of their fourth album, the band started making music again and began a tour but due to family dilemmas and different life goals, the band cancelled their tour and officially broke up in October of 2013.

Even though the split of the Jonas Brothers was devastating to friends and family, it winded up helping the three brothers in the long run. Kevin got married and had a baby, so he was able to work on his family life. Joe moved on to create a solo career as well, and eventually went on to be the frontman of the band DNCE. And while Nick’s brothers were busy with their own projects, he decided he needed to make a name for himself.

In 2010, Jonas released a bluesy album entitled Who I Am with his band, Nick Jonas & the Administration, and in November 2014, he released a self-titled album, Nick Jonas. This album, including hit songs “Jealous” and “Chains,” introduced a different side of Jonas that no one had heard before, but had apparently been waiting for: the album debuted at number six on the Billboard charts. This was the turning point for Nick Jonas and his career.

After finding huge success with his self-titled album, Jonas starred in some TV shows, such as “Scream Queens” and “Kingdom.” When it came to be time for Jonas to put out some new music, he was inspired by his break up with Olivia Culpo and put his emotions into the music. After a large amount of promotion for the album and clips from his new documentary about how he created it, Last Year Was Complicated was released.

Last Year Was Complicated includes hit singles including “Close,” “Champagne Problems,” “Bacon,” and “Chainsaw.” Some tracks are very noticeable in their message and listeners can guess that Jonas is the one singing, but others, such as “Comfortable,” are very diverse and will have you thinking, Nick Jonas can rap?! Jonas was very nervous for the album release because of the high anticipation. Before the album came out, he tweeted saying that this was his most personal and emotional music he has ever put out. When the album was released at midnight he also tweeted, “Going to sleep with a big smile on my face.”

Many family, friends, and fans have supported Jonas’ new album, including Demi Lovato, Shawn Mendes, Meghan Trainor, Joe Jonas, and youngest member of the Jonas Family, Frankie Jonas (aka Bonus Jonas). Joe Jonas posted a picture of him and Nick on Instagram and said, “The best body of work from you yet. I am so impressed and proud. You have created something that shows depth, honesty, and your true self… This is your life, your year, and your heart within this record. Love you best friend. Love you brother. Congratulations. You deserve it all.”

Even with getting his start as a Disney teenage heartthrob, Nick Jonas has become one of the most popular artists and sex symbols in the world. He has worked past all of his obstacles in life, including having Type 1 Diabetes, to pursue his music career. He is one of the most successful young adults of our time and with the continued talent he shows in his music and acting work, his success will surely only sky rocket from here.