E!’s “So Cosmo” gives viewers an inside look at fashion


Amoreena Crispino

The fashion industry has never stopped growing and became especially more successful when Cosmopolitan Magazine was first published in 1886 in the United States. The publication started out as a family magazine, but soon became focused on topics such as women’s issues, relationships, health, careers, self-improvement, fashion, and more.

The popularity of print magazines has been declining significantly, especially within the past few years. Most publications have been moving towards becoming solely online publications, such as Self Magazine, which has gone completely digital. Cosmopolitan Magazine, or Cosmo, still published print issues, but has put a lot of effort into their website, and not to mention their Snapchat story, which has become the most watched story on the app. In addition to their magazine success, they have recently taken it to the next level.

“So Cosmo” is a new reality show on “E!”. The show focuses on the executive staff that works for the publication and the Editor-in-Chief, Joanna Coles. The show first premiered on Feb. 8 and there have been three episodes so far.

The staff, now known as cast, that works under Joanna Coles includes Leah Wyar, Executive Beauty Director, Steven Brown, Bookings Director, Tiffany Reid, Senior Fashion Editor, Diandra Barnwell, Brand Coordinator, Evan Betts, Fitness Contributor, James DeMolet, Senior Fashion Editor, Adam Mansuroglo, Fashion Editor, and Matthew Hussey, Relationship Contributor.

“So Cosmo” illustrates the ups and downs of the fashion industry and how competitive it really is. There are photo shoots, interviews, and events all jam-packed into this pop culture-oriented program. Within the first three episodes, one big concern was about Diandra becoming involved with the personal trainer they hired, Evan. When Joanna was trying to pick between two candidates, Evan and someone else, Diandra was the only one who voted for the other candidate, only because she did not want her personal relationships to interfere with her career. Joanna found this out and told Diandra she was putting her personal feelings for someone in front of her job, which is highly looked down upon in the fashion world.

Another occurrence in the office was an announcement made by Joanna Coles herself, saying that there will be a new Editor-in-Chief at Cosmo. Joanna had been Editor-in-Chief since 2012, and now she was passing along the torch (and responsibility) to Michele Promaulavko, the new EIC.

After this big, shocking announcement, all of the employees became worried about the fate of their career. In the fashion publication industry, everyone knows that when a new EIC is hired, most of the current employees are dismissed from their positions because the person taking over wants a fresh start.

Hopefully, the staff does not lose their jobs, but there is only one way to find out. Tune into “So Cosmo,” Wednesday’s at 9 PM on “E!” and see what it’s really like to work in the competitive and fast-paced industry of fashion.