Dozing off in One Pace Plaza


Chaahat Kachhia

Welcome back, Pace Setters! Now that spring break has ended, the time for midterms has arrived. During this week, students from around campus will be reading, writing, and of course procrastinating and naturally will end up having to cram for their classes. As a result, students’ sleep schedules will most definitely be interrupted. College students are notorious for not getting enough sleep and constantly having to pull all-nighters to make up for lost time. However, when that double espresso macchiato from Starbucks doesn’t kick in on time, students will likely take to dozing off in school.  With this being the case, there are many areas where students find solace and comfort when they need some rest.

During exam week, many students seek refuge in the library. While the wooden chairs seem uncomfortable, tired University students manage to use them to catch up on lost sleep. The Silent Studying section is an ideal spot for those looking to get some privacy and tune out the noise and chatter of other people. There are also many desks that are always available. Connected to the library is what the University community calls “the Fishbowl”. Students are often seen here eating, sleeping, or even catching up on their favorite Netflix shows. The tables in it are similar to ones found in the cafeteria, but also come equipped with booths and ottomans for maximum comfort. The Fishbowl is definitely a place where students can kick their feet up, lay back, and make up for lost hours of sleep, especially since it’s open 24 hours a day. Another common student rest area are the many lounges around campus. The Setters Lounge is a fairly decent spot, despite its warmer temperatures. Though, given its warmth, it’s easy to find oneself falling asleep pretty quickly there.  

The Honors College has a very cozy lounge on the second floor with a quiet, relaxed environment. There are couches there where students often take short naps. The computer lab nearby also has comfortable seating that is great for snoozing. Another place with cozy chairs is the Student Union. It’s open till midnight and is usually quiet after 9 PM. The University is full of wonderful places where students can take their power naps. However, many students question why it is difficult to stay awake in the first place.

As people on the cusp of adulthood, college students face a lot of responsibilities. With tests, jobs, internships, and other important things to worry about, students tend to neglect their health. They convince themselves that they do not need as much sleep as they should be getting. Though on the contrary, sleep is just as important as eating, drinking, and being physically active. Freshman Miranda Baldo says, “I think it is perfectly normal that students sleep on campus. Why would we not sleep? We are exhausted from studying and pulling all-nighters. It’s fine to doze off for a few minutes while doing work. Exams are draining!”

Some students who live on campus can easily go up to Maria’s Tower or walk a few blocks to the dorms at 33 Beekman, 55 John Street, or 182 Broadway, but many commuter students who live off-campus also attend the University. They have no choice but to fall asleep in the building when feeling drowsy between classes, or face the long commute home and back. When asked how the University can improve this situation, freshman Arpit Dua put forth an interesting idea. “The school should provide a certain amount of rooms in Maria’s Tower to be offered to commuters. They can sign in and just stay overnight if they’re on campus really late.”

Freshman Priyanka Eluri also provided an interesting perspective based on what she has seen at other universities. “Nap pods would actually be really beneficial for students. A place to rest for students, especially commuters, would be very helpful and probably, in turn, lead to higher productivity.”

Students try out napping pods at the University of Miami. Courtesy of the University of Miami.
Students try out napping pods at the University of Miami. Courtesy of the University of Miami.

Nonetheless, sleep is crucial for everyone. Believe it or not, getting enough sleep will actually help with acing midterms and getting good grades. Good luck, and make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.