Lubin launches new initiatives for 2012-2013 school year

Riddhi Doshi

The Lubin School of Business is one of the biggest and most recognizable schools at the university. The NYC campus, situated in the world famous Financial District, is prime location for starry-eyed business hopefuls. Lubin is constantly evolving its programs to fit the needs of a newer business world with branches way past the standard finance, marketing, and accounting. These new programs are designed with the new market demands in mind to help students enter into specific business disciplined fully trained and prepared.

One of these programs is Lubin’s Masters of Science in customer intelligence and analytics. A study by McKinsey & Co. found that by 2018, the U.S. will face a shortage of 1.5 million managers who can use data to shape business decisions—the new degree helps to address this challenge. The curriculum for this program incorporates using interactive and digital strategies to analyze simple and complex marketing data for managing customer relationships. Barbara Rose Aglietti, the associate dean of the Lubin school said  “Knowing how to analyze “Big Data” is just as important as gathering it. Successful companies use data to inform their market research to deliver products and services that are customized to end users’ preferences and experiences.”

On the marketing front, social media and mobile technology are transforming the way consumers and marketers interact.  Marketing managers need to develop new skills sets to respond to these emerging realities. Lubin recently launched a MS in social media and mobile marketing, which enables marketing managers, advertising executives, IT professionals and strategic managers to develop the integrated marketing and communications skills needed to create impactful conversations with clients.

Another new program launched this fall is the Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting/MS in taxation combined degree program. This degree is a full-time five year program that meets the 150-credit requirement for the CPA exam while simultaneously obtaining an in-depth understanding of tax law. The accounting program already has an extremely strong reputation so this new program will only build on the program’s reputation by giving students the opportunity to earn an extremely beneficial degree in taxation within the five years they are in the program. This combined degree will expose students and prepare them for a profession involving accounting and taxation and possibly even allow them to venture into law.

The newest, and one of the most talked about initiatives from Lubin is the new arts and entertainment management concentration. This program takes two of the university’s greatest programs: its business and arts, and combines them to create a lucrative degree. This will be a unique classroom experience for the business students and performing arts students who will be collaborating in this concentration through the business management degree. This program offers the same comprehensive business management BBA all business students in this major receive and it will give students the knowledge and skills to succeed in any industry.

With this program, “Lubin is leveraging its New York City industry connections to bring award-winning directors, producers, and entertainment managers into the classroom.  In addition, six celebrity guest lecturers have been confirmed so far including: ABC News special correspondent and syndicated talk show host Katie Couric; film director and Imagine Entertainment founder Ron Howard; Viacom Entertainment Group president Doug Herzog; American Ballet Theatre executive director Rachel Moore; New York City Center president and CEO Arlene Shuler; and The Shubert Organization co-CEO and president Robert E. Wankel,” said Dean Aglietti.

Caitlin Meuser, senior, said “It gives performers and artists to ability to have a degree that not only displays their creative talent, but supports it with a concrete business degree. In my opinion, this was one of the smartest degrees Lubin ever created.” This new concentration puts the university at the top of the list for all things performing arts.

Emily Jordan, freshman, is excited about this new concentration on the management degree. “I believe the benefits for being the ‘guinea pigs’ for the new arts and entertainment management concentration definitely overshadows the risks. I wanted to be one of the first to try it out right when I heard about it. When I spoke to advisor at orientation I became fully convinced that this was the best major for me,” said Jordon.

All these new enhancements being made by the Lubin school are sure to put students even more ahead of the curve and prepare them for a competitive job market.