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Emily Dodaro

In today’s current society, people of all ages have a variety of social media accounts, such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and many more. It is essential in today’s media-motivated lifestyle to grow brands and update your knowledge on the latest news and trends. People also use social media to display their life to the world. Social media is now a key marketing tool for businesses and consumers to understand consumer needs and preferences. The rise of the industry has also created job positions worldwide. For some, social media can be an opportunity for meeting new people, maintaining connections, and leading a happy life. For others, an excess of social media can be damaging to the mind and body, furthermore leading to an unhealthy lifestyle and frame of mind.

In an age of self-care, many social media users are debating whether  social media is helping or hindering the mental health of its users. Most studies show that excessive social media use is detrimental to attention spans, productivity, and social interaction.

In a new perspective, social media might be utilized for self-care. There are various social media platforms that are used to spread positivity and healthy lifestyles. Users can follow any account they would like. Among them, social media connoisseurs offer advice on how to remain healthy both physically and mentally. Many accounts are motivational or focused on positive lifestyles.

Now that social media is common in everyday life, it has become an essential tool to stay in touch with family and friends. University freshman Bronwyn Eastlick explains how this is her main use for social media. “I am glad that social media exists so I can stay up to date with things going on back home and to be able to communicate with my family. I live very far from New York, so social media definitely has a positive influence on my life every time I scroll through and see pictures of my pets or my friends from home!”

In addition to this personal form of self-care, highly viewed profiles are taking notice to the power they hold. There are many celebrities that use their platform to bring smiles to the faces of their followers. From Ellen DeGeneres and her charming, but equally hilarious Instagram posts, to Chrissy Teigen’s “almost too relatable” tweets. Celebrities have begun to use their social media presence to promote important causes such as the voter registration process for young individuals.

If you’re struggling with finding the right balance between social media and a healthy lifestyle, there are many ways to turn social media into a helpful tool rather than a harmful one. It’s important to set a limit of how much time is spent on social media per day, which can ease your mind and unclog it of any outside distraction. Focus on living your life to the fullest rather than concentrating on what everyone else is doing, and make sure you are only following accounts that bring you joy.

All in all, social media is what you make of it. If you’re in need of some extra self-care, reform multiple aspects of your life to receive that necessary attention, which could include your social media accounts.